Beatrice pilots send supplies and food to Hurricane Ida victims in Louisiana

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Around 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, a few Nebraska pilots will take off from Beatrice Municipal Airport and head towards Louisiana. What they will have on board will not be passengers but necessities to help those hardest hit by Hurricane Ida.

Lots of items like food, cleaning supplies and diapers will be packed on planes and airlifted, thanks to pilots Beatrice Anthony Chisano and Corina Lottman.

“We both got the idea the same time we were watching the news and realized we had the resources to do it,” said Corina Lottman.

In partnership with the AERObridge Air Disaster Response Team, the two men will make the trip to southern Louisiana in approximately 2.5 hours using their twin-turbine aircraft.

“We were originally supposed to go next week, but the organizations need it so badly that they kept asking for donations earlier and earlier,” said Anthony Chisano.

Chisano is from Florida and said he knows firsthand the hardships that arise after going through a severe hurricane.

“I’ve been in places where you don’t have infrastructure for a long time, and they need to get it back as quickly as possible. If we can feed and bring in supplies, then that’s what we need to do.

Lottman said she contacted the community to ask for donations and in less than 24 hours they were able to raise $ 2,000 to purchase hundreds of items.

“In response, we’re kind of the first people out there when they really don’t have anything. So the faster we get down there, the better people are, ”Lottman said.

Chisano and Lottman said they were overwhelmed by the influx of community aid.

“We have received such support that we are actually starting to find more planes to try and help us with more supplies,” Chisano said on 10/11.

Since they will already be in the south, the two will reach out a little further to help even more.

“We’re going to start from New Orleans and go to Texas where they have supplies that are stuck and can’t get in,” Chisano said.

These pilots told us they would likely make future trips to bring more supplies to Louisiana. People can drop off their donations at Béatrice Municipal Airport or CLICK HERE.

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