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You’ve been through the emotional roller coaster of divorce, but to make matters worse, your credit may have been in it as well. You might be done with the car you shared, or you might still be a co-borrower on a loan. Although divorce can be very stressful, getting a car loan with bad credit doesn’t have to be. There are options for those who find themselves in unique credit situations.

Subprime credit and divorce

After a divorce, your credit and income may take a hit. If you and your spouse have both worked, which is becoming the norm, you still have to completely recalculate your budget.

For those with bad credit resulting from situations such as divorce, job loss, or medical issues, there are dealerships that work with special lenders that focus on lending to borrowers with subprime credit – generally referred to as a credit score below 640.

If this is your first time in this credit zone, the process of buying a car may be different from what you are used to. But fear not, we’re here to help you get ready!

Budgeting and preparing for an auto loan

To prepare for a subprime auto loan after divorce, here are some general tips and guidelines:

  1. Budget: Having a monthly budget can really help you understand where you are at and keep track of your spending. It can also help you save for the down payment you need on a subprime car loan. It’s easy to keep track of your spending because there are plenty of apps that you can download right to your phone. As an added bonus, there are some budget and banking apps that can provide you with your credit score.
  2. Plan a deposit: Once you’ve got a budget, save for a big down payment. Expect lenders to charge at least $ 1,000 or 10% of the vehicle’s selling price, whichever is less. The more you save, the more you increase your chances of getting approved.
  3. Get your credit report: You can request your free credit reports every 12 months from the three major reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Check for possible errors and correct any outstanding negative accounts you may have.
  4. Communicate with your ex: If you and your ex are co-borrowers or co-applicants on a previous car loan, you or your ex must refinance or fully repay the car to get out of the arrangement. For more information on co-borrowers, click here.
  5. Gather your documents: Subprime lenders typically want proof of employment, proof of residency, proof of a working phone, a list of personal references, and a down payment. They also typically require an income of at least $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 per month before taxes, and a stable job with six months to a year at your current job with a three-year work history to show. These are the usual requirements, but they vary, so be sure to tidy up your papers so you don’t get confused or confused.

Make progress towards repairing your credit with an auto loan

Once you have a budget, a large down payment, and your paperwork and details in order, you can start repairing your credit with a post-divorce auto loan. TO Auto Express Credit, we have a nationwide network of dealers who work with special credit circumstances.

We have created a free, no-obligation service car loan application form that you can fill in the comfort of your own home. Once complete, we’ll get to work connecting you with a dealer in your area. Start repairing your credit and get back on the road.

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Tesla News – Tesla’s $ 7,000 Electric Vehicle Incentive is a nail in the coffin for ICE competitors | Zoom Fintech Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:08 +0000 Tesla News – Tesla’s $ 7,000 EV Incentive is a nail in the coffin for ICE competitors

The reintroduction of the electric vehicle tax credit could be a nail in the coffin of Tesla’s competitors, as if the company needs more help to formally bury its competitors.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Tesla may be ready to receive the new electric vehicle incentives that would grant a $ 7,000 tax credit to the first 600,000 Tesla electric vehicles sold in the United States. The new GREEN law says the number of applicable electric vehicles per manufacturer would increase by 400,000 cars, from 200,000 to 600,000, making a considerable number of Tesla’s planned sales for 2021 reasonably cheaper for car buyers.

Although Tesla has not given an exact estimate of how many cars it plans to build this year, several analysts have predicted numbers between 800,000 and 950,000. However, the fourth quarter’s results update letter Tesla’s quarter has total production of 1,050,000 between its two active production facilities.

Tesla will have access to $ 400,000 in additional tax credits for electric vehicles as part of Biden’s sustainability campaign

The GREEN law states:

“The bill also extends the existing tax incentives available for the sale of electric vehicles. The bill increases the electric vehicle credit limit for manufacturers to 600,000 vehicles, but reduces the credit by $ 500 after the first 200,000 vehicles sold. This would replace the current phase-out period which begins with 200,000 vehicles sold, with a phase-out period which instead begins in the second calendar quarter after the threshold of 600,000 vehicles is reached.

“At the start of the new phase-out period created under the bill, the credit is reduced by 50% for a calendar quarter and ends thereafter. For manufacturers who have already exceeded the 200,000 threshold before the enactment of the bill, the number of vehicles sold between 200,000 and those sold on the date of enactment is excluded to determine when the threshold of 600,000 is reached.

Tesla is seated well if that happens. For several reasons, Tesla’s reintroduction of the EV incentive to cars could effectively bury conventional automakers who haven’t placed a more serious and specific focus on the development of electric powertrains.

It’s no secret that the future of vehicles is electric. While classic muscle cars will likely still exist for decades to come, consumer vehicles from other manufacturers, such as Ford Escapes, Honda Civic, Toyota Camrys, and Chevy Malibus, will be phased out. Let’s be honest with each other here: no one collects any; they just don’t have the “it” factor that a classic vehicle has.

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Even today’s Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes lack the value, sentimental significance, or history of the earliest builds. And worse yet, they lack the performance, speed, technology, and efficiency of an electric car. Electric vehicles are the best of both worlds, and when you buy a Tesla, there is no better car to display it in the most exaggerated way.

To subtract an additional $ 7,000 from the price of one of Tesla’s vehicles using GREEN would be a game over. The Model 3 SR + would be far below the average cost of a car in the United States today while still providing environmentally friendly transportation, acceleration far beyond the norm for a combustion-engined car, and prices that simply cannot be matched by some of the “luxury and high performance” vehicles that are offered on the market today.

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is compared to the Tesla Model 3 SR +. Both start at prices just under $ 38,000, but the specs speak for themselves. The Model 3 has a significantly faster 0-60 time at 5.3 seconds, while the Benz sits at 6.2. The quarter-mile race wouldn’t be close either, with the CLA reaching the finish line in 13.8 seconds. The Model 3 would be finished in 13.1, according to Matthew Cjel, who completed three quarter-mile races with his SR + and clocked times of 13.185, 13.181 and 13.218.

Although competitive without the incentive, the price would not be close if the $ 7,000 credit were applied. That would bring the Model 3 to just under $ 31,000. Additionally, the CLA only gets 25 MPG City and 35 MPG Highway. With gas prices soaring, it would be a considerably frequent trip to the local Shell station. The Model 3 gets 263 miles per charge and can be charged at home or at a local Supercharger for a fraction of the price.

This is just one example of where the $ 7,000 credit would make electric vehicles more attractive than gasoline cars to those left on the fence. price parity is becoming an outdated argument, and with the progress of Tesla’s battery and increasing production rates, cars will only get cheaper every year. Soon Tesla’s mass-market $ 25,000 vehicle will hit the roads, and there will be an overwhelming sense of demand from new car buyers. The original 600,000 EVs will likely be gone as fast as the turkey on Thanksgiving, rendering the tax credit obsolete in no time.

The only real concern that could come from the new credit is that it is likely to increase demand significantly, which could pose problems for Tesla projects that have been delayed due to battery constraints. I’m not sure how more 3 and Y buys, as well as S and X, would affect the production of Roadster, Semi, or Cybertruck. However, Tesla is limited in battery power and the available cells would likely be subject to the S3XY lineup, which could further delay other projects.

Demand is never a bad thing, however. Increasing sales of its consumer vehicles would give Tesla even more capital to invest in manufacturing and battery technology. This would give them more money to source cells from third party vendors. It would also only help the company’s finances for many quarters to come. But battery shortages have interrupted the Semi and Roadster project several times, and the Cybertruck now looks like it could be subject to the same issues. It looks like Musk might have hinted at this in the podcast with Rogan yesterday, where he said they could “hopefully” start volume production next year. During Q4 EC, Musk also said:

“If we’re lucky we can make some deliveries towards the end of this year, but I expect volume production to be in 2022.”

Hopefully things continue to develop in a timely manner, I think the incentive for EVs and the long list of advantages EVs have over their ICE competitors will be recognized by all who remain in limbo as to to the power source that will “power” their next vehicle.

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I use this newsletter to share my thoughts on what’s going on in the Tesla world. If you want to talk to me directly, you can email me or reach me on Twitter. I don’t bite, be sure to reach out!

Tesla News – Tesla’s $ 7,000 EV Incentive is a nail in the coffin for ICE competitors

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The effect of money on the brain Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:07 +0000

Many of the businesses featured on Money advertise with us. The opinions are ours, but the compensation and
extensive research determines where and how companies can appear. Learn more about how we make money.

Money’s effect on your brain is similar to cocaine, says book author Kabir Sehgal Minted. In the book, he examines the neurological effects of money and how it could possibly be used to predict stock markets.

Neuroeconomists (scientists who study how the brain is affected by money) performed several brain scans on individuals who were on the verge of making money, and the results were astounding, Sehgal says. Studies show that these people had the same neurological response to making money in their “pleasure centers” as someone who was addicted to cocaine.

Through the use of brain scanners, neuroeconomists already have the ability to recognize likes and dislikes. This leads some to believe that over the next several decades it will be possible to predict the ups and downs of the stock market based on these analyzes. A number of hedge funds, Sehgal says, are already hiring traders based on their brain scans. The purpose of these analyzes is to hire someone who does not take financial risks.

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7 reasons to use a brick and mortar bank Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:07 +0000

Home workstations, Amazon Prime, and online banking make many of us feel like we never need to leave home. But if you’re ready to grab your dose of vitamin D and take a few Fitbit steps, you might find a walk in your neighborhood. Bank worth your time.

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1. Important species

If you’ve never needed a large sum of money, you might not know that ATM cards often have daily withdrawal limits. This is great news if your card is stolen, but less so if you need a lot of cash now. Show your ID to a cashier and There – you could hold a five-digit cash value.

2. Notarial public services

A notary (or simply a “notary”) is a person who certifies signatures on an official document after verifying the identity of the signatories. This verification requires the presence of the signatories. Vehicle titles, loan documents, and power of attorney forms are examples of documents that may require notary services. Many banks have a notary who can perform these functions.

3. Safes

While you may not be planning to rack up some hard-to-find money, you may have some valuable possessions that you don’t want to be lying around the house where they could be caught in a fire or theft. Items of great monetary or sentimental value might find a place in a local bank safe.

4. Coins to be collected

At the store, having exact change never thrills the people in line behind you. Paying with coins gives you the same empathy you might get from sitting at a green light at an urban intersection. So what do you do with the loose change that you were too afraid to use at the store? Many banks have coin machines where you can exchange coins for cash (and a little more respect from other shoppers in the store).

5. Cashier’s check

In some situations, a debit card or personal check won’t do – and you may not always have a paper check in hand. Down payments for big-ticket items like houses and cars often require a cashier’s check, which unlike a personal check, guarantees that you can pay the amount written on it. You can easily pick up a cashier’s check while you are at the bank cashing your coins. And while you can order a cashier’s check online, it will likely take at least a day to arrive.

6. Case-specific customer service

New online services come in handy once you know how to use them. The apps are fantastic once the bugs are fixed. Doing it yourself is great when you know what you’re doing. When none of the above apply, it’s good to have a little help.

The customer support lines of many banks take you through an automated maze of menus, where you sometimes find yourself in a bind and have to start over. And once you’re finally directed to an agent, you might find that they’re “currently experiencing high call volume and all of the reps are currently helping other clients.”

At your local bank branch, you may have to stand in line for a few minutes, but it will be much easier to explain your problem to someone live. There is no guarantee, but you may be able to advocate for a better case for the removal of the overdraft fee in person. A customer relations representative might be willing to make a few more stops for a customer they know than for an anonymous voice on the phone.

7. Machines also make mistakes

Mobile deposits are incredibly convenient and most of the time they go off without a hitch. However, if you happen to receive a check that did not print well, then making that deposit remotely can be quite complicated. You can’t always count on a representative over the phone to exhaust all possible options. At least if you’re in a branch and need to escalate an issue, there are plenty of other employees you can talk to without having to call back and wander through a second phone maze.

If you don’t need special services, online banking is a good idea. Not only is it very convenient, but the interest rates are often higher. In some cases, maintenance costs are lower and the services offered are accessible quickly. For example, many banking apps allow you to immediately deactivate your debit card if you discover it is missing.

Since online banking clearly has its advantages, many banks with physical locations use a hybrid system of mobile, online and in-person banking to serve their customers. If you depend solely on the online functions of a bank, you may not realize the benefits of going to a local branch. So don’t cancel a trip to the bank right away. There is always a world of service with a personal touch.

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Why the stock of liquidity services has skyrocketed today Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:07 +0000

What happened

Actions of Liquidity services (NASDAQ: LQDT) soared today, up 17% as of 11:40 a.m. EST, after the company announced its fiscal results for the fourth quarter. The results exceeded expectations and the company issued an optimistic forecast for the next quarter.

So what

Revenue for the fiscal fourth quarter was $ 55.9 million, significantly exceeding the consensus estimate of $ 53.5 million. That translated into adjusted net income of $ 7.9 million, or $ 0.23 per share, as Wall Street analysts looked for just $ 0.01 per share in adjusted earnings. Liquidity Services, which operates business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce technological platform, reported Total Gross Merchandise Volume (CMV) of $ 196.9 million and Adjusted EBITDA of $ 9 million.

Image source: Getty Images.

“Our e-commerce market capabilities continue to generate a strong recovery for sellers and have enabled us to expand our services quickly as more customers seek more efficient self-service solutions to handle excess and returned merchandise. in the supply chain, ”CEO Bill Angrick said in a statement. “In turn, our higher recovery rates have led to a growing adoption of our deposit pricing model, which has positively impacted gross profit margins. “

Now what

Liquidity Services repurchased $ 4 million of shares during the quarter and ended the year with $ 76 million in cash and no debt.

In terms of forecasts for the first fiscal quarter, GMV is forecast in a range of $ 175 million to $ 195 million, which should translate into Adjusted EBITDA of $ 5 million to $ 6.5 million. Adjusted earnings per share is expected to be between $ 0.08 and $ 0.12, which is better than the $ 0.01 per share of adjusted losses that analysts model.

This article represents the opinion of the author, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a premium Motley Fool consulting service. We are heterogeneous! Questioning an investment thesis – even one of our own – helps us all to think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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3 stocks that are better than Bitcoin Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:07 +0000

Bitcoin has garnered a lot of attention from investors, especially over the past year, as the price of the cryptocurrency has risen from around $ 8,000 in early 2020 to over $ 40,000. in early 2021.

But recently the the price of bitcoin fell suddenly, and the slide again sparked debate over whether bitcoin is a viable alternative payment system or just a speculative investment. Whichever side of this argument you come across, there are plenty of great companies out there that are much better in the long run. investments than bitcoin.

Read on to find out why three Motley Fool contributors think Fiverr International (NYSE: FVRR), Square (NYSE: SQ), and PayPal funds (NASDAQ: PYPL) have the potential to beat bitcoin.

Image source: Getty Images.

Fiverr: empowering the concert economy

Danny Vena (Fiverr): One of the attractions of bitcoin is undoubtedly the potential for a small investment to pay off big over time. Catching an investment early and exploiting it to untold wealth has some appeal, but it rarely works that way. This is why I think investors should forget about bitcoin and invest their money in Fiverr International.

It seems like everyone these days has a side job, some way to make some extra money on the side. Then there are those who have broken with the traditional workforce, opting instead for the freedom that comes from self-employment. The challenge for freelancers, however, is finding companies whose needs match their skills. This is where Fiverr comes in.

The company provides one of the world’s largest digital selling platforms that connect freelancers with these businesses for as little as $ 5 – the reason for its nickname. Vendors (freelancers) advertise their talents and services (called gigs) in a growing list of 300 categories, allowing businesses to purchase their services. Fiverr acts as an escrow, holding the findings to ensure both parties are happy, charging a 20% commission for his services as a matchmaker. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, playing directly on Fiverr’s strengths.

His position as guardian and toll collector has been extremely lucrative for Fiverr. The company generated revenue that accelerated in each of the previous four quarters. In the third quarter, revenue jumped 88% year-on-year, while Fiverr’s net loss improved 95%, knocking on the door to profitability much sooner than investors expected.

Activity on the platform helps boost its financial results. Active buyers are up 37%, but perhaps more importantly, existing buyers are spending more. In fact, average spend per buyer has grown steadily, registering gains every year through 2012, and more than tripled during that time.

Future growth looks brighter than ever as each cohort of buyers strengthens the foundation of the business, with many becoming regular users. In 2019, 58% of revenue came from existing buyers, with the remaining 42% coming from new users. The company is also courting corporate clients with its Fiverr Business platform, helping salespeople match larger businesses that need their services. This move upmarket will further increase the average expenditure per buyer.

The concert economy will only develop from here. Fiverr management sets the company’s total addressable market at $ 115 billion and above. With just $ 100 million in 12-month revenue, Fiverr still has a lot of worlds to conquer.

Square: Making Bitcoin Transactions Easier and More

Brian withers (Square): If you want to take advantage of the bitcoin trend, why not buy into the company that sold $ 1.6 billion in cryptocurrency last quarter? Square and its popular Cash app allow users to buy and sell bitcoin, but this fintech has a lot more to offer.

Square has two ecosystems: its original business focused on serving sellers, and Cash App, focused on serving individuals. The company started out by selling a small, square-shaped device that plugs into a mobile device to help sellers and small businesses collect payments. This ecosystem has expanded to support all aspects of running a small business, including payroll, customer engagement, and even building e-commerce websites. In the last quarter, its seller ecosystem recorded $ 965 million in revenue and $ 409 million in gross margin, up 5% and 12% year-over-year, respectively. The coronavirus has hampered growth in recent quarters, but as vaccines are rolled out around the world, small business activity is expected to pick up and this ecosystem will return to strong growth.

The Cash App ecosystem has been a tremendous driver of growth this year. Not only have gross margin gains been triple digits year over year, but they accelerated over the past three quarters, achieving a staggering 212% growth in the last quarter. Cash App is popular because of its ability to buy bitcoin, but customers love many of its other features as well. Over 2.5 million customers used Cash App to buy and sell stocks, and users had over $ 1.8 billion in cash in their accounts, up 180% year-over-year .

But this fintech is only just beginning. With the addressable market of its seller ecosystem exceeding $ 100 billion per year and the treasury application market exceeding $ 60 billion, it captures less than 3% and 2% of each market, respectively. There’s a lot to love about this fintech: the accelerating growth of Cash App, a seller ecosystem that is expected to rebound when the economy picks up, and a popular bitcoin trading platform. Why just buy bitcoin when you can buy shares of this tech company with two strong ecosystems serving two huge addressable markets?

A better way to invest in digital payments

Chris Snow (Pay Pal): If you’re drawn to bitcoin because of its potential to disrupt traditional ways of buying and selling goods, you might want to consider PayPal’s bet on digital payments.

PayPal has long been a household name for online payments, but the company has continued to grow far beyond its original payment platform. For example, the company’s Venmo app, which enables peer-to-peer payments, has become an important service for the company in recent years.

Venmo can now be used to pay for goods and services in physical locations and, if you’re still interested in bitcoin, can also be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

In addition to Venmo’s potential in digital payments, PayPal has also recently partnered with CVS Health and Nike to allow PayPal users to make contactless payments with QR codes in physical stores. This move from PayPal links digital payments to physical locations and helps the company continue to expand the way it generates sales through its platform.

In the most recent quarter, PayPal added a staggering 15.2 million new net asset accounts, sales jumped 25% and company profits soared 121% from the quarter of the year. last year. And the company’s management believes that the company’s generally accepted accounting principles for the year 2020 (GAAP) profits will be up 38% year on year.

The US digital payments market will reach approximately $ 2 trillion by 2025, and PayPal is already a clear leader in this space. For investors looking for a great investment in digital payments, PayPal’s growth in customer base, solid revenues, and expansion into new services make it a more solid bet than guessing whether the price of bitcoin will rise or fall.

This article represents the opinion of the author, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a premium Motley Fool consulting service. We are motley! Questioning an investment thesis – even one of our own – helps us all to think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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Isn’t Ugg Parent Decker Outdoor more than a $ 165 stock? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:06 +0000

Outdoor decker (NYSE: BRIDGE) has recovered its way from the hole it fell into at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising 77% to around $ 140 per share.

It’s still way below the highest historical $ 203 per share it hit in mid-February, and if Pivotal Research analyst Mitch Kummetz is right in his analysis, if there is still some potential left, it’s not close to that. he thought before the bottom fell from the retail market.

Image source: Decker Outdoor.

More carnage to come

Kummetz lowered his price target on the owner of brands such as Ugg and Teva from the level of $ 217 per share which he lowered in January to $ 165 today, a drop of 24% as the worst of the pandemic is yet to come for the shoe company as it prepares to release its fourth quarter financial results.

Previously, Kummetz had asked Deckers to post sales at the high end of management’s target of between $ 392 million and $ 402 million, but says he subsequently lowered that outlook by 14%. because “it’s in the range of what we’ve seen from other companies this earnings season.”

That puts Decker’s sales at around $ 345 million, but the analyst believes the brunt of the pandemic will actually fall on fiscal first quarter results due to the number of order cancellations and closings of owned stores. the company.

The silver lining is Kummetz’s price target which still sees a 17% hike from here.

This article represents the opinion of the author, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a premium Motley Fool consulting service. We are heterogeneous! Challenging an investment thesis – even one of our own – helps us all to think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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One in ten unemployed people are denied a job because of a credit check Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:06 +0000
One in ten people have been turned down for a job because of employer’s credit checks, according to a new survey from Demos.

Employer credit checks are blocking the nation’s hardest-hit job seekers from entering the workforce, new research finds.

One in four unemployed Americans had to undergo a credit check when applying for a job, and one in ten were turned away from a job because of information in their credit report, according to one. survey conducted by the liberal think tank Demos on approximately 1000 people. – and middle-income households with credit card debt.

“Employer credit checks are common and they prevent people from getting jobs,” said Amy Traub, senior policy analyst at Demos and author of the report.

While people tend to believes that credit checks are only done for senior-level positions, the study found that they are often used for entry-level, low-paying positions – even for jobs like delivery drivers and wait staff. frozen yogurt.

Bad credit is often the result of unemployment and the loss of health insurance, making it difficult for people to keep up with bills, Demos found. Another common cause of bad credit is medical debt, which becomes increasingly difficult to manage when aggravated by unemployment.

Related: Millions Of Credit Reports Contained In Errors

“These factors reflect the bad economy and personal woes and have little to do with a job seeker’s performance at work,” the report says.

Minorities are also disproportionately affected by employer credit checks, Demos found. On average, African American and Latino households have worse credit scores than white households.

Demos said this can be attributed in part to a higher unemployment rate in these communities. Unemployment among African Americans stood at 14% at the end of 2012, while the Hispanic unemployment rate stood at nearly 10% – far higher than the 6% rate for white Americans, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Related: Transgender job seekers face an uphill battle

Other respondents to the Demos survey cited errors on their credit reports as damaging their credit. An FTC study recently reported that one in five consumers has a credit report error.

And because employers can’t see credit scores – just the information in a report like debts, payment history, and bankruptcies – their assessment of an applicant’s creditworthiness is completely subjective, Traub said.

Many employers use credit checks to help prevent theft and embezzlement and to avoid the legal repercussions of “negligent hiring,” according to a 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resources Management. They are also used to select candidates for positions with financial responsibilities.

But most employers who use credit checks say it’s not the most important factor in hiring decisions. About 34% of employers use credit checks on some job applicants and 13% perform credit checks on all applicants, according to the SHRM survey. Only 14% cite a credit check as the most important factor in a hiring decision, compared to 87% who said previous work experience is the most important.

Three Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Under current regulations, employers are not allowed to perform credit checks without the applicant’s permission, and they are also required to notify applicants if they decide not to hire them. because of the results. The applicant then has a window of time to begin disputing any incorrect information on their credit report before the employer can take adverse action.

These rules are often difficult to apply, as employers can always cite other reasons for refuse a candidate for a job. And while more states are adding restrictions on the use of credit checks by employers, businesses are still allowed by federal law to reject an applicant based on information on their credit report, and they can reject any applicant who refuses to submit to a credit check.

Related: Excellent Credit Score? Think again

To prevent credit checks from unfairly excluding applicants from employment, Demos recommended that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other federal agencies require credit reporting agencies to remove medical debt from reports. credit, as well as any disputed information until it is resolved. They also offered to make the error dispute process easier for consumers.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Democratic Representative Steve Cohen is sponsoring the Equal Employment for All Act, which would ban most employers from using credit checks in hiring or firing decisions.

“When employers use credit checks, finding a job can almost be impossible,” Cohen said. “[This is a] growing and dangerous trend. ”

CNNMoney (New York) First published on March 4, 2013: 5:20 p.m. ET

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How To Find Car Dealers That Work With Bad Credit Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:06 +0000

If your credit is bad and you need to finance a car, you will probably have a hard time finding a dealer willing to help.

Most dealers can’t help people with poor credit

A lot of people need a car to go about their business, which is why it can be so frustrating when you’re having trouble getting approved for a car loan. The truth is that not all car dealerships work with car buyers who have credit problems, which narrows your options.

Here are some of the reasons dealers cannot help applicants with complicated credit situations:

  • Not registered with good lenders – Subprime lenders are willing to approve many applicants with bad credit, but their programs are complicated, so not all dealerships partner with one (or more) of them.
  • Extra work in special finances – Some dealers do not have the manpower or the know-how to process subprime loans. Due to the additional work that this implies, thanks to the different subprime car loan process, this can be an additional constraint for the staff of a dealership.
  • The inventory is not correct – Many dealerships do not offer the right type of inventory that leads to success in special finance. Without the right types of cars, they don’t bother trying to enter the market.

Fortunately, there are dealers who are registered with the right lenders, have the right inventory, and are special financial experts. You just need to know how to find one.

Find the dealer who can help you

If you are looking for a dealership that can help people with bad auto credit, look for one with special financial service. These are the ones who signed up with the subprime lenders.

You can go to a dealership, Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH), but keep in mind that many places that finance buyers in-house do not report loans or loan payments to the credit bureaus. This means that you cannot use your car loan to improve your credit as you might do with a dealership that uses risky third party lenders.

So how do you find one of these dealers? You don’t have to waste time and energy moving from dealership to dealership hoping to find one where you can get financing. Auto Express Credit offers a better solution.

How we can help you find financing

Auto Express Credit is connected to a national network of auto dealerships specializing in financing. By using our service, we can put you in touch with a dealer in your area so you can avoid the hassle of finding one on your own.

Our service is free and without obligation, so nothing is holding you back. Start the process by submitting our auto loan application form today.

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For host cities, is the Super Bowl worth it? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 06:19:06 +0000

Minneapolis is getting ready for Super Bowl LII. Hosting the title game for the second time in its history, the frigid city unveiled a host of themed activities and events leading up to the big game, including a zipline on the Mississippi River, acrobatic snowmobile stunts, a snow globe life-size downtown and a “Super Bowl experience” featuring virtual reality and autographs from NFL players.

However, as the energy builds towards Sunday’s game, locals and others may wonder if all the pomp and festivities are really worth it for the host city. Large sporting gatherings like the Olympics have a reputation for being a mess for the host city. Is the Super Bowl any different?

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Pay to play

In recent years, the NFL has used a carrot-and-stick approach to picking Super Bowl hosts, seeking to inspire cities to build brand new, state-of-the-art stadiums and then reward them with a Super Bowl. . Seven cities have built a new stadium in the past twelve years, and by 2020 all will have hosted a Super Bowl. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are also set to get a Super Bowl when new stadiums open in those cities in the coming years.

Taxpayers contribute an average of $ 250 million to new stadiums, according to Conventions, Sports & Leisure International, and US Bank Stadium, which opened in Minneapolis in 2016, cost $ 498 million in state taxes and local, which covered only about half of the total cost of the stadium.

Beyond the stadium walls, strong demands from the NFL continue, calling for 24,000 hotel rooms within an hour of the match site, 35,000 parking spaces, hundreds of buses, taxis and limousines , billboards and a sales tax exemption for the league and its representatives.

The reward

While the stadium’s costs are upfront, the real benefit of hosting the larger football platform is less clear. According to consultancy firm Rockport Analytics, which the Super Bowl host committee hired to provide an economic impact analysis on hosting Super Bowl LII, the Super Bowl will bring about $ 407 million in new spending to Minneapolis / St. . Paul metro. This estimate is based on 125,000 expected visitors and $ 122 million spent on operating expenses for local games / events. However, Rockport acknowledged that $ 68 million in regular tourism spending would be shifted and estimated net GDP to be $ 343 million, which includes $ 242 million in wages owed to the game’s accommodation. This leads to state and local tax revenues of $ 29 million and federal tax revenues of $ 51 million.

Rockport also estimated that these visitors would generate more than 230,000 room nights at local hotels and spend an average of $ 620 per day.

Although data was not available for the last two Super Bowls, the company found that the previous three Super Bowls had the highest economic impact in competition history, with Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix offering worth $ 719 million. The trend line is clearly moving up.

No zero-sum game

From the numbers above, it looks like Minnesota taxpayers are losing money on Super Bowl LII. If they spent $ 498 million and only get $ 342 million in profit, that would put them $ 166 million in the hole. To think of it this way, however, is misleading, as the investment in US Bank Stadium wasn’t strictly for the Super Bowl. Unlike the Olympics, which are often plagued by over-investment in stadiums that soon become unnecessary after the two-week competition, the Vikings will continue to play at the US Bank, likely for decades to come, and the stadium can accommodate concerts and other events at other times of the years, adding economic and cultural value to the city.

RT Rybak, who was mayor of Minneapolis at the time the city approved $ 150 million in taxpayer funding for the stadium, said The New York Times that the deal ended up being a financial boon for the city as it led to Wells fargo to build two new office towers in the downtown area and triggered a revitalization of downtown east. The stadium deal also freed up money to run the downtown convention center and helped repair the Target Arena, where the NBA Timberwolves play. “I wouldn’t have made a deal just for the football stadium,” Rybak told the Times, “You’re not building a stadium for the Super Bowl.”

Psychic benefit

Beyond the economic impact of hosting the Super Bowl, there is also a psychic benefit for the host city, which is more difficult to quantify. It’s a big party for the locals, a chance to show off their city, and it gives them a sense of pride to be on the national, if not global, stage. A city like Minneapolis isn’t often in the limelight like it will be this weekend, and that sentiment often prompts locals to spend more money on top of attracting tourist spending.

Additionally, since the Super Bowl showcases the host city and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, it can help boost future tourism, as businesses and organizations are more likely to hold conventions or events there. tourists to come back if they have a good experience. Positive word of mouth can help in the same way.

Ultimately, there is no clear answer as to whether it is economically attractive for a city to host the Super Bowl. The path to winning is based on economics that are difficult to quantify and attribute to hosting the big game itself.

Whether or not this is a good deal for the cities, it is evident that there is still a lot of competition to host the NFL flagship event. In the last betting round in 2016, five cities competed against each other to host three Super Bowls from 2019 to 2021. Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles won, while Tampa Bay and New Orleans were excluded. Tampa, however, later replaced LA as host of Super Bowl 2021, with Los Angeles moving up to 2022.

While building successful new stadiums can cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, most cities still seem to believe that the cost of hosting a Super Bowl is worth the economic and psychic benefits.

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