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It is pathetic. And something I predicted.

While it was a combination of factors that contributed to the Sugar Sisters party store in Franklin’s decision to close, part of the reason was New Jersey’s new law banning single-use plastic bags.

I had speculated that it might be hard on stores’ ability to keep an eye out for shoplifters. Since nothing in the new law prevents a customer from purchasing items and carrying them bagless in their car, I thought it would be visually more difficult for business owners to discern who actually paid for the items.

Sure enough, a little party shop called Sugar Sisters says it was happening.

Sugar Sisters via Facebook

Sugar Sisters via Facebook

“Theft has increased with the new bag law. Working from home and out of my garage, I won’t have to worry about theft anymore,” owner Heather Russinko told NJ.com.

And that’s exactly what she does. The online portion of the business will remain open while the retail space on Route 23 goes dark.

Russinko said:

“I cried for three days in a row making this decision, but it’s the best decision we could make financially.”

Well done, Murphy. Another decision that hurt small businesses. In fact, Sugar Sisters struggled from the start. The fledgling store’s initial opening was delayed by pandemic closures. Now this.

Sugar Sisters via Facebook

Sugar Sisters via Facebook

The shop sold cookie and cake decorating supplies as well as candy and other party supplies. This is a must-have situation for you to eventually get some good business. An exact closing date will be announced towards the end of August.

The opinions expressed in the above post are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski only.

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Judge to decide if man tried to kill ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend with natural gas https://bergmannlumber.com/judge-to-decide-if-man-tried-to-kill-ex-girlfriends-boyfriend-with-natural-gas/ Fri, 29 Jul 2022 23:33:28 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/judge-to-decide-if-man-tried-to-kill-ex-girlfriends-boyfriend-with-natural-gas/

A Waterman man had no intention of killing anyone when he tampered with the gas line at his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s Elburn home in 2020.

Frank E. Ryan, 35, just wanted to scare the guy and stop the girlfriend from going home, defense attorney Paul Johnson told Kane County Judge David Kliment on Friday during the trial of Ryan for attempted murder.

But Assistant State’s Attorney Lori Anderson said Ryan only talked about wanting to scare them after a detective suggested the concept to her during Ryan’s interrogation.

She said buying the materials used, visiting the house several times, delivering a letter to the victim and inventing an alibi showed he had planned and taken “substantial steps” – a legal requirement for the charges – in the process. intent to hurt someone.

“It’s not someone’s actions or behavior that’s trying to scare someone,” Anderson said.

Ex-girlfriend Kelsey Pranaitis Rittgarn was not home in the 500 block of Downing Street at 2:30 a.m. on January 19, 2020. But boyfriend she has since been married to, Richard Rittgarn, and son 27-year-old son Aaron slept in their bedrooms on the second floor.

Richard Rittgarn testified Wednesday that the smell of natural gas woke him up. He heard a whistle.

He found a hole behind a credenza in his office. A plastic tube protruded, through which gas passed. He blocked it with a pen. Outside, he saw that the tube was connected to the gas line at the meter.


Firefighters determined that the level of natural gas in the air inside the home was 2-3%. At 5%, the gas would have been flammable. It could have caused an explosion that flattened the house and killed anyone inside, Deputy Fire Chief Michael Huneke of the Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District testified Friday. He said natural gas can asphyxiate people.

Police traced the manufacturer’s measurement marks on the tube to a lot sold on a spool at the Ace Hardware store in Sugar Grove. The store’s video showed Ryan buying a 12-inch drill bit and duct tape with his loyalty card.

Elburn Police Detective John Shepard testified that 2×4 inch pieces of wood attached to the tube and counter had distinctive grooves that matched wood found at Ryan’s, where police also found the drill bit .

Police said duct tape covered a video doorbell at the Elburn home. The doorbell was not working at that time.

Richard and Aaron Rittgarn were uninjured.

Kelsey Pranaitis Rittgarn said she dated Ryan for eight years and they broke up in November 2019. They were still in touch as they shared ownership of multiple dogs.

She said that Ryan knew she was involved with Richard Rittgarn and that Ryan once came to the house to look for her. He also texted her on Jan. 10, 2020, that he was doing things he could go to jail for, she said, and he asked her to take care of the dogs if he was arrested.

Police say Ryan asked his father to wear Ryan’s Fitbit fitness tracker on the night of January 18-19 to show that Ryan was not in Elburn.

Kliment will announce his verdict on Tuesday.

]]> Brutal Zipper Tie Murder Leads Back to Covelo Woman, Law Enforcement Says https://bergmannlumber.com/brutal-zipper-tie-murder-leads-back-to-covelo-woman-law-enforcement-says/ Thu, 28 Jul 2022 07:38:01 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/brutal-zipper-tie-murder-leads-back-to-covelo-woman-law-enforcement-says/

Pauline Dugan

El Sobrante is an unincorporated community in the shadow of the cities of East Bay, San Pablo and Richmond. Across the water from San Quentin State Prison, El Sobrante blends into the featureless urban sprawl of East Bay

Until recently, 69-year-old Richard Hendrix rented a parcel of roadway protected by a chain-link fence at the back of an auto repair and sales business in the El Sobrante area. There he lived in an RV. For his daily commute, Hendrix had a gold Volvo. He was often seen coming and going, living his life, subsisting in El Sobrante.

On April 13, 2022, Hendrix’s landlord realized he hadn’t seen his tenant for a few days, so he contacted the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office to report his concerns. Deputies arrived and learned that Hendrix had not been seen in seven days, which the owner said was unusual.

The deputies came out to check out Hendrix’s trailer. They noticed that a chair had been placed in front of the outward swinging door of the mobile home to apparently prevent anyone inside from getting out.

After knocking several times, the deputies found the door unlocked, so they proceeded to enter and were immediately greeted by the smell of decay.

On the floor of the mobile home, covered in clothes, tools and trash, lay Hendrix’s corpse – almost as if someone was trying to hide the dead man. Deputies exited the mobile home and an inquest into the death was opened.

Detectives arrived, began surveying the area around the mobile home, and entered Hendrix’s former residence to examine the body. Closer inspection of Hendrix found two large zip ties, fastened and tightened around the dead man’s neck.

Documents obtained by MendoFever and reporting by Nate Gartrell of the Bay Area News Group would tell the story of how Pauline Dungan, a 39-year-old Covelo woman, would become the prime suspect in the brutal crime.

After Hendrix’s discovery, his mobile home was towed to a safe location, allowing investigators a controlled environment to search for clues.

Witnesses revealed that two days before, on April 11, 2022, Pauline Dungan had been seen driving Hendrix’s gold Volvo. The witness told law enforcement that Dungan said he bought the Volvo from Hendrix in the days before. Investigators have issued a lookout for the vehicle.

On April 14, 2022, a day after Hendrix was found dead, buried in his possessions, with zip ties wrapped around his neck, a nearby San Pablo police officer located the gold Volvo and a woman who matched the description of Dungan.

Dungan attempted to flee the scene on foot but was apprehended and held for outstanding warrants outside of Mendocino County.

Dungan was taken to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office Field Operations office, the same location where detectives had towed Hendrix’s RV for processing.

On the same day, a forensic autopsy of Hendrix was performed. The man is believed to have died on April 6, a week before deputies found his body. The cause of death was ligature strangulation. Additionally, the pathologist found two wounds on the front of Hendrix’s head and two wounds on his back – the result of blunt trauma.

Detectives began to believe that Dungan had beaten 69-year-old Hendrix with some sort of blunt object that knocked him unconscious. She then wrapped zip ties around the man’s throat, squeezing them until he was completely asphyxiated. Before leaving, she piled items around the campervan on top of her body where it lay until deputies found it a week later.

Dungan was released shortly thereafter. At this point, all the police needed to do was theory, and they needed time to back up the evidence.

A witness told them that Dungan had made bizarre claims about Hendrix having been gone for a long time before Hendrix’s homicide. Detectives discovered that someone had attempted to withdraw money from Hendrix’s bank account days after his death. Surveillance footage from late March reportedly shows Dungan in the company of another man buying zip ties at a local hardware store. More convincingly, investigators performed an analysis of the zip ties wrapped around Hendrix’s neck and found Dungan’s DNA. She had touched them with her own hands.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office eventually issued an extradition warrant for Pauline Dungan which surfaced after her June 2 arrest in Lane County, Oregon. Dungan then spent 39 days in the county jail on charges including driving under the influence and resisting arrest before detectives from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office brought Dungan back to East Bay.

Pauline Dungan, 39, of Covelo, is now in Contra Costa County Jail charged with the murder of Richard Hendrix. Added to the murder charge is a charge for the use of a deadly/dangerous weapon in the commission of the homicide.

Dungan is no stranger to a prison cell. Since 2015, the young woman has faced charges all over the North Coast.

On July 1, 2015, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page a “warrant Wednesday” featuring Dungan who was then wanted on three felony warrants, including assault with a firearm on a peace officer, crimes committed while on release and obstruction .

Dungan was in Willits on August 8, 2015, when an officer spotted her with a man smoking a joint. The couple consented to be searched and the officer would find methamphetamine in both of their possessions. During the interaction, Dungan would provide a fake name. She would be sentenced that day for an arrest warrant for assault with a deadly weapon.

As of November 2015, Dungan would rack up a number of charges in Contra Costa County associated with possession, transportation, and manufacturing of cannabis.

In March 2016, she would be accused of giving false information to a Pinole police officer.

Three years later, Dungan would again be charged with providing false information to police, this time in Sonoma County.

There is no record of Dungan’s life prior to 2015, when she was 32 years old. All local Mendocino County media reports refer to her as a “Covelo woman.”

Now, seven years after the first crime reports, Pauline Dungan, 39, faces the most serious charges of her life – accused of beating a man unconscious and then using restraints to end his life.

Today at 1:30 p.m., she will be arraigned in Contra Costa County Superior Court. Judge Rebecca Hardie will preside over the formal reading of her charges and Pauline Dungan will likely plead guilty or not guilty.

Please keep in mind that not all charges associated with this incident have been proven in court and details of the incident are still being sorted out. In accordance with the legal principle of the presumption of innocence, any person described must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Hawaii or Te Puke: Where to go for your next vacation? https://bergmannlumber.com/hawaii-or-te-puke-where-to-go-for-your-next-vacation/ Tue, 26 Jul 2022 06:44:00 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/hawaii-or-te-puke-where-to-go-for-your-next-vacation/

Photographer/The spin-off

“Today I am in Te Puke, the heart of kiwi country.”

This story comes from the team at thespinoff.co.nz.

Should Christopher Luxon have stayed in the heart of Kiwi Country instead of vacationing in the Rainbow State? We weigh the pros and cons of each destination.

A video posted last week on National Party leader Christopher Luxon’s Facebook page opened with the unambiguous statement: “Listen, today I am in Te Puke, in the heart of Kiwifruit country.”

Today, however, he confirmed to scandal-hungry reporters in the press gallery that this was not true. “I was on leave last week with my family. I went to Hawaii with my family like I tend to do in July,” Luxon said.

* National Party leader Christopher Luxon said posting on social media while on vacation was a ‘mistake’
* Half a century old Hawaii resort gets a $399 million makeover
* Support for Christopher Luxon has plummeted amid US abortion debate, poll finds

He had, however, been to Te Puke the previous week, and the main thing this whole saga shows is the importance of adding a #latergram hashtag to your posts. It also raises an important question that no one has really stopped to consider before: Te Puke or Hawai’i?

With the cost of living crisis and New Zealand businesses desperate for more visitors, should Luxon – and all of us – holiday closer to home? Let’s consider the pros and cons.

Luxon - sad

Sungmi Kim / Stuff

Luxon – sad

Te Puke Mayor Garry Webber said there was absolutely no doubt where you should go next. “[Te Puke’s got] all the amenities of big cities but not the people or the traffic jams,” he said when approached for his two cents. “If you go to any of the beaches, from Mount Maunganui to Whakatāne, there are miles of open beach as good as anything you’ll see in Hawaii. You don’t have to share it with a bunch of international tourists.”

Webber has been to Hawai’i before, but said he cut his trip short to return to Te Puke. “The beaches were so crowded. We had booked for a week. After three days, I told my wife, “I’m leaving. It just wasn’t for me. I’m a country boy at heart. There were so many people there.

Webber makes a compelling case, but since he’s literally the mayor of Te Puke, he may not be the most objective voice. Let’s compare the options for ourselves.

First of all, the tourist attractions offered in the two localities. According to the 100% Pure New Zealand website, Te Puke offers only one activity: for a reasonable price of 18 to 20 dollars, you can visit a kiwifruit orchard and discover “the history of the kiwifruit”.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, Te Puke is a fan of kiwis – there’s a giant monument of them you can visit. Hawai’i has a slightly longer list of attractions, but none of them are Kiwi-based. For furry fruit fans, the decision is easy.

If landmarks and tourist attractions aren’t your thing, consider the appeal of the great outdoors.

Just outside Te Puke you’ll find Mount Maunganui, with its amazing cafes, beautiful beach and a range of walks offering plenty of Instagram opportunities. Honolulu’s popular Diamond Head is much the same. And while Hawai’i is home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world, Te Puke Swim School also has clear water and warm temperatures, and it boasts a 4.9-star (0. 3 stars more than Honolulu’s iconic Waikīkī Beach).

Finally, consider shopping. While Te Puke may not be able to compete with the high-end retail therapy offered in Honolulu, it does have a place called Giftwrapt, a hardware store called XCetera, and most importantly, a Caroline Eve. As Mayor Webber says, “all the big city amenities.”

In the end, it comes down to personal choice. For many, the lure of the annual family vacation to Hawai’i will be too strong. For the rest of us, it’s worth considering a trip to Te Puke: New Zealand’s Hawai’i.

Additional reporting by Chris Schulz

Local history has a new home at the replica of Export Station https://bergmannlumber.com/local-history-has-a-new-home-at-the-replica-of-export-station/ Sun, 24 Jul 2022 17:25:07 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/local-history-has-a-new-home-at-the-replica-of-export-station/

When it was time to buy some snacks at McHugh’s Variety Store in Export, Bill McHugh was a popular kid at the time.

“My grandfather Andrew ‘Happ’ McHugh owned the store with his sister Martha, so I always got a little extra candy for my penny,” McHugh said. “And so all the other kids wanted me to buy their candy.”

Andrew McHugh – who was also a former accountant for the Westmoreland Coal Co. which formed the backbone of the local Export industry – bought and operated the store from the 1930s. Today this property houses the expanded area of ​​Jigger’s Pub on Washington Avenue.

Borough councilwoman Melanie Litz, who is a bit younger than McHugh, remembers picking out candies from the same candy case, only for her, it was when he was in the old Gray’s Hardware store – it had been moved by then.

Now the case sits alongside a treasure trove of other local memorabilia inside another piece of borough history, a replica of the old export station.

Litz, who is also a member of the Export Historical Society, was joined by several members of the society on Sunday as they began the process of determining what should be displayed and when.

“We worked very closely with the Heinz History Center,” Litz said. “They told us we were in great shape because not only do we have a building, but we also have everything to fill it.”

The items run the gamut, from an old Westmoreland County Merchant’s League softball jersey advertising Betty’s Luncheonette, which opened in 1972 and operated until the early 1980s, to the window display housing the jersey.

“It belonged to Carlo Mance, whose uncle owned Mance’s Dance Hall here in town,” Litz said. “There was a grocery store below and a billiard room in the basement. It was in this case that they kept all the pool cues.

As for the candy business, the members of the society already have big plans.

A corner of the train station is piled high with old-school sweets like marshmallow ice cream cones and wax lips: Litz said the company will bust out the deal for the Export Ethnic Food & Music festival on the 20th August and give the kids coupons to redeem for penny candies. The festival will also include a ribbon cutting and an official grand opening of the station.

And with so many historic memorabilia on hand, Litz said the company will have a rotating display inside.

“Just with mining, we have enough to break it down into three or four different displays,” she said.

The Export Ethnic Food & Music Festival will take place from noon to 9 p.m. on August 20 on Washington Avenue.

To learn more, visit ExportPennsylvania.com.


• Projects big and small help revitalize export

• The Export Historical Society partners with the Heinz History Center

• Export the short extension of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail

Patrick Varine is an editor at Tribune-Review. You can contact Patrick at 724-850-2862, pvarine@triblive.com or via Twitter .

Maine Celtic Celebration this weekend in Belfast https://bergmannlumber.com/maine-celtic-celebration-this-weekend-in-belfast/ Fri, 22 Jul 2022 10:20:50 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/maine-celtic-celebration-this-weekend-in-belfast/

Want to wear a kilt this weekend? The 2022 Maine Celtic Celebration will start this afternoon and run all weekend in Belfast at Belfast Commons.

The music starts at 4 p.m. in the beer tent. And starts on the main stage at 5:30 p.m. The music continues until Sunday. Not constantly. But count on plenty of that great Celtic music all weekend in Belfast.

There’s so much more to do all weekend too.

On Sunday, the Highland Heavy Games begin at 9 a.m. at Belfast Steamboat Landing. Look. OR participate. But if you participate, you must register at 8 am. Games include caber toss, hammer throw, shot put and weight for height. Great to do, and just as great to watch.

There are the Maine Ulster Scots Project workshops on Saturdays and they also continue on Sundays.

How about a staging area for Scottish clans. Oh to hear those stories when they get together to chat.

Getty Images/Kevin C Cox

Getty Images/Kevin C Cox

Also on Sunday an unmissable event. The American National Cheese Roll Championship. It starts at 1:30 p.m. You will see the wheel rolling. And also taste samples of cheese. They think of everything. The event is free, but you must register for the Merchandise Tent.

Belfast Maine is a great city any weekend. But it’s even more special this weekend when everyone takes part in the Maine Celtic Celebration.

Children enjoying pirate boat adventure in Belfast Maine

This fun treasure hunt with a pirate on the back and forth in Belfast Harbor made great memories with my family

Retreat to this one-of-a-kind magical little garden house in Belfast, Maine

Enter a world of magic and flowers in this glorious little garden house found on Air BnB. You can retreat to this country seclusion and enjoy all that this lovely space has to offer.

WATCH: These are the 50 largest retailers in America

Kidron is an Amish tourist attraction https://bergmannlumber.com/kidron-is-an-amish-tourist-attraction/ Sun, 17 Jul 2022 10:08:10 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/kidron-is-an-amish-tourist-attraction/ George W. Davis

As for small, Kidron and its new tourist attraction, Sonnenberg

Village, is surely one of the smallest combined areas in Ohio, but you wouldn’t know that from talking to those who live in the quiet Hamlet.

Wayne County Sheriff Travis Hutchinson noted that the hamlet is just 0.0378 parts of a square mile, while the relocated and renovated village of Sonnenberg, just north of Kidron, is located on just 5, 15 acres off Hackett Road.

However, residents claim Kidron as their hometown, even though their residences would then make the town 13 to 14 square miles, community leaders said recently.

Strollers roam the streets of Kidron, which is an Amish tourist attraction.


Located in the southwest corner of Sugar Creek Township in Wayne County, Kidron is an Amish tourist attraction filled with people touring the town’s historic sites, shopping for materials and supplies needed for their homes or jobs, or simply seeking peace and quiet, except for the oft-heard clip. -clop of horses and buggies so prevalent in the surrounding hills.

Communities bordering Kidron include Dalton to the northeast, Mount Eaton to the southeast, Apple Creek to the west, and Fredericksburg to the southwest. US 30 runs east and west just north of Kidron, and County Road 52 (Kidron Road) runs north and south through Kidron. State Route 250 is just south of the community, which is considered the largest Amish tourist center in Wayne County.

Women's bike in downtown Kidron,


Kidron was originally settled in 1819 by Swiss Mennonites wishing to escape religious persecution and poor agricultural conditions in the Sonnenberg region of Switzerland. They were known as “the quiet people of the country”. Reaching America, they named their land across Kidron Road from Lehman’s Hardware Sonnenberg, and the connotation of “quiet people” applied here too. The name was changed from Sonnenberg to Kidron around 1834.

Sonnenberg Village is the community's newest attraction, with nine historic structures.

Strong points

Village of Sonnenberg is the community’s newest attraction, with nine relocated and renovated structures on display at 13497 Hackett Road, just south of US 30 and Kidron Road. Retired Wayne County Judge Ray Leisy is the company’s project manager, who said most of the rebuilding is complete.

The buildings on site and their original construction dates include: Sonnenberg Visitor Center, formerly Sonnenberg’s Third Church built in 1907; The Sommer/Bixler House, (1832); The Moser Building (1915), which will be a printing house when completed; The Albertson/Zuercher House (1833); Tschantz Log Cabin (1824); Lehman Spring House (1854); Lehman House (1838); the Gerber/Nussbaum barn (1847); and the Sommer Building (1906) with an overhead sign for the FR Saurer blacksmith shop.

Ken Pilarczyk works a piece of metal into a candle holder at the Saurer forge in the village of Sonnenberg during a festival in 2019.

• The village will be open on August 12 and 13, while Kidron Community Historical Society has a special celebration marking his 45th birthday and homecoming day at the Kidron-Sonnenberg Heritage Center and Museum at 13153 Emerson Road. The historical society was founded in 1977 and is housed in the Heritage Center, of which Dick Wolf is the director. Wayne Lichty served as the company’s president for over 30 years. Art Neuenschwander is the current president.

]]> Closure of TJ’s Cafe in Colonie after more than 25 years https://bergmannlumber.com/closure-of-tjs-cafe-in-colonie-after-more-than-25-years/ Fri, 15 Jul 2022 12:19:24 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/closure-of-tjs-cafe-in-colonie-after-more-than-25-years/ COLONY — TJ’s Cafe, a mainstay of comfort food since late 1996, has closed permanently, the chef-owner citing pandemic-related financial difficulties and a new prioritization of values ​​following the April death of his father, who helped him start the restaurant.

Writing on Facebook, Todd Leach said: “We cannot, in good conscience, for our good, our health and our family, continue to swim against the tide.”

Describing as “insurmountable” the staff shortages, supply chain issues and steep rise in the cost of food and supplies the restaurant is facing, Leach said: “We’ve been burning furniture to keep warm since the start of the pandemic, and we threw the last chair into the fire.”

Writing the farewell note, Leach told the Times Union in an overnight message, was “almost as difficult as my father’s eulogy.”

James Ronald Leach, widely known as Ron, was president of the old Terminal Hardware, which was located on Central Avenue near the distinctive A-frame building at 1133 Central which became TJ’s and for generations has been restaurants, including FrostTop, the A-Frame and Chez Macri. Ron Leach has died aged 85.

Now 55, Leach told the Times Union: “Since my father died, I’ve questioned how much of a comeback effort has been made.” Mentioning the weddings, family events and weekends that have been missed over the years, Leach said, “There’s got to be a better balance.” He and his wife, Joelle, who met when he hired her to work at the restaurant, have two children, Tyler and Abby, now in their mid-teens.

Employed as a barback and bartender from his teens into his late twenties, Leach was 28 and was sitting with his mother on a beach in Florida, where his parents had retired, when she asked him: “What is you going to do with your life?”

He decided he wanted his own restaurant and his father, who had sold his hardware store and was speculating in real estate, agreed that buying a building was better than renting. After visiting a run-down spot on Central Avenue, they adjourned to a restaurant in the distinctive A-shaped building across the street to discuss what they had just seen. By chance, the A-frame was for sale.

TJ’s Cafe opened on December 26, 1996.

“I wanted a place where you could walk in dressed the way I like to dress – casual blue collar, everyday – and have a sandwich, or a steak dinner if you wanted, and not feel underdressed,” Leach said.

“I’m proud that it’s still like this today,” he told The Times Union for a March feature on TJ’s 25th anniversary.

Although he had no intention of cooking at the restaurant, Leach took over the kitchen when he lost his chef, teaching himself new dishes over the years to the point that his menu has grown. expanded to include what have become signatures including Top Sirloin, Chicken Francaise – and lots and lots of Chicken Parmesan. A weekly special that typically sold out 200 orders, it became such a favorite during the pandemic that one night saw 315 Chicken Parms come out.

It was not immediately clear what will happen to the property. For the March story, Leach said if a youngster sat with a parent at a TJ’s table and talked about getting into the restaurant business, they might sell.

“The beach is waiting for me,” he said in an interview that took place about a month before his father’s death, “but I’m really good at what I do and I still love it.”

TJ’s has been closed for the past two weeks for its annual summer vacation, with the family spending time on their beloved Lake George.

“It was a great time (with) great weather,” Leach told The Times Union earlier this week.

The restaurant was due to reopen on Friday. Instead, Leach briefed employees and, early Friday, bid farewell to customers in his farewell note.

He told the Times Union: “I just hope we’ll be remembered.”

In its first nine hours online overnight and Friday morning, the announcement of the shutdown drew more than 1,200 reactions, comments and shares.

McGuirk wants to make a difference in town https://bergmannlumber.com/mcguirk-wants-to-make-a-difference-in-town/ Wed, 13 Jul 2022 09:15:54 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/mcguirk-wants-to-make-a-difference-in-town/

Editor’s note: Siloam Springs will vote for four council positions this year. Municipal elections will be held on August 9 and general elections will be held on November 8. The Herald-Leader will offer insight into each contender. This week, the Herald-Leader will focus on Ward 1 candidates Mindy Hunt and James McGuirk. Due to only two candidates running for Ward 1, Hunt and McGuirk will face off in the general election.

What made you decide to run for municipal elections?

I started going to board meetings and I got really interested in what was going on and there were some things that I felt shouldn’t be happening. There are things I don’t approve of. I think they focus too much on Broadway and Main Street.

There are so many places in town that need work on the streets and intersections and stuff like that. I mean, if the city is going to spend 10 million dollars, can we not spend it all in one place or on one street? I understand that Main Street needs work, but there are many other streets that need roughly the same type of work.

How has your experience helped you prepare for politics?

I have always been interested in politics and have paid attention to state, local and federal politics. I tend to voice my opinion on things happening in the county, city, and state.

How do you see the state of Siloam Springs today and how would you improve it?

I think Siloam Springs is a wonderful town. We moved here in 2011 and met a lot of people who live here, made some good friends, that sort of thing.

I’m all for supporting firefighters and police with whatever they need. I don’t think there should be a wish list for either.

I’m interested in the watershed they were talking about at the (last city council) meeting. I had no idea Siloam had so many properties near Watts. There are some things (at the last city council meeting) that I hope to learn more about, like the watershed.

A few people have asked me, “Do you think Siloam Springs is growing fast enough?” And I said I don’t think it’s fast. I think it’s growing at a pretty good pace, but I don’t think it’s fast.

What is your occupation?

I am a customer service representative at the Ace Hardware store in Gentry. I have been there for four years. I worked at Lowe’s before that. I work in all departments, no matter what needs to be done. I do almost all of their assembly work for lawn mowers, grills, that sort of thing.

Have you served on city council before?

No I do not have.

How long have you lived in Siloam Springs?

I was born and raised in Colorado. I lived in Colorado until 2001. Jan and I met in Fort Collins, Colorado, then moved to Jackson Hole, Wyo., for about 10 years.

Then Jan got homesick and she said, “I would really like to go back to northwest Arkansas” and her sister was diagnosed with cancer. So we came back here and Jan took care of his sister until she died.

Do you have hobbies?

For years I had a hobby of building hot rods and street rods, old Harley Davidsons, that sort of thing.

Do you belong to civic organizations?

Not at this time. This will change. I worked with the homeless, that sort of thing. I think they are probably the first people here who need help and a place to stay, food, clothes, stuff like that.

I know someone who has been living in a car for about a year and a half now. She has a job and supports herself, but she does not earn enough money to move into a (place) without some help. She’s okay for now, but she’s looking to the future. (She is) always looking for a better job to get herself on her feet.

This worries me a bit and I know homeless people who need help. They need food, they need clothes, they need a place to protect themselves from the heat and the cold in the winter.

I would be in favor of building some sort of building that would work year-round for the homeless. I don’t know how many homeless people we have, but I think they could all use a little help from everyone.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The number of board meetings I attended, sat on, listened to, and raised some things I wanted to bring to the board.

I listen to them talk about different plans, and I hear them talk individually and I think some of them are going to vote on what they just said and they don’t. They go with the flow. I think if you feel a certain way, that’s how you should vote and not because someone else is going that way. They must vote according to their opinion.

I’m not happy with the fireworks ordinance. I don’t think there should be fireworks within the city limits. There are plenty of places to go outside the city limits to shoot fireworks and as Brad (Burns) said last night, it looks like a war zone in some parts of the city.

We care about our property, our trees; the house we live in has wood shingles. It could be something causing a fire. Our dogs, now we have a dog and once the fireworks start she won’t come out. Fireworks scare him so much. The male dog we have comes out and barks at them. Above all, he turns into a badass.

I think it’s a wonderful thing that we have the amphitheater, the water park that we have for the kids (and) the new library.

I am concerned about the number of vehicles and the type of vehicles the city provides to its employees. I have a big thorn in my side about, I don’t know who drives it, but I don’t think anyone who works for the city needs a four-wheel-drive diesel truck just to go and come to work. .. I don’t think it’s necessary.

It’s an expensive truck. Fuel mileage in this thing can’t be very good. I doubt it’s 20 mpg. I don’t care what department it is, I don’t think this truck is needed.

TWBS signs exclusive partnership with Razer to bring Razer Gold to European market https://bergmannlumber.com/twbs-signs-exclusive-partnership-with-razer-to-bring-razer-gold-to-european-market/ Mon, 11 Jul 2022 10:50:00 +0000 https://bergmannlumber.com/twbs-signs-exclusive-partnership-with-razer-to-bring-razer-gold-to-european-market/

Fintech startup selected as sole payment partner for Razer’s European e-money program

BIRKIRKARA, Malta, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TWBS Limited, a European prepaid payments software start-up, today announced a partnership with Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, to make Razer Gold widely available on the market. shopping online and in-store everywhere Europe soon. Under the terms of the agreement, TWBS will develop, launch and manage the entire Razer Gold e-Voucher service in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom.

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The exact launch date for these Razer Gold services in the European Economic Area and the UK will be announced shortly.

About TWBS

Founded in 2021, TWBS is a prepaid payment software start-up specializing in large-scale bespoke B2B projects.

TWBS operates where e-money, traditional banking and DeFi converge, to bring the benefits of integrated finance to global brands in automotive, mobility, online entertainment and online marketplaces. TWBS leverages the trust of its customers to identify gaps in existing payment flows, while developing innovative smart payment products and cutting-edge technology solutions to improve them.

The company is a private company with its registered office at Malta.

For public relations inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

About Funanga
BerlinThe Funanga AG-based fintech platform operates CashtoCode, which provides physical in-store cash payments and digital e-vouchers. Launched in 2016, the platform connects a vast network of online merchants from various industries and payment service providers with over 300,000 outlets across Europe and international markets. The service allows customers to easily pay for their online purchases in cash at the point of sale of their choice. Funanga manages its extensive network of partners to provide secure, convenient and compliant cash collection and settlement from customers worldwide

For public relations inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

About Razer

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

Razer’s three-headed snake mark is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. With a fan base that spans every continent, the company has designed and built the largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services in the world.

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