Darien post office delivery operations are relocated to Stamford; Retail services remain

DARIEN – Despite moving its delivery operations to nearby Stamford, the Darien Post Office will continue its retail services at its Corbin Drive facility through its lease in the spring, according to post office officials.

Amy Gibbs, a strategic communications specialist for the U.S. Postal Service, said delivery operations from the Darien Post Office moved earlier this month to the Camp Avenue Post Office in Stamford.

Gibbs said retail services – which include stamp and money order sales and all shipping services – will continue at 30 Corbin Dr. until further notice.

“Darien Post Office customers won’t see any changes until next year for retail services,” Gibbs said. “Retail services remain in Darien for shipping and other postal products such as stamps and money orders until further notice. “

There will be no change in delivery routes and no service disruption for customer home delivery. This change will not affect where customers pick up their packages for missed deliveries.

Additionally, Gibbs said customers can continue to pick up packages, certified letters, all accountant mail, and all mail from the on-hold courier service at the Corbin Drive location.

“Customers are urged to come to the Darien Post Office at least one business day after receiving their missed parcel notice,” Gibbs said. “It’s standard practice, we just want to remind customers that packages are usually not available the same day they receive the waybill.”

Post office is relocating as part of Baywater Properties’ Corbin Drive redevelopment plan. The first phase began earlier this month in front of the 10 Corbin Dr. office building and post office.

“The new location for the retail business needs to be determined,” Gibbs said of the upcoming move.

David Genovese of Baywater Properties said construction on this side of the road will begin in 15 to 18 months.

“I understand they have moved the carriers and the sorting function and are working on a new downtown location for a retail location,” Genovese said. “We had offered to move them to the first phase of the project, then to the second phase, but they decided a few weeks ago that they didn’t want to move twice. “

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