Dieruf discusses campaigning for mayor of Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Of all the candidates for mayor of Louisville, only one is currently mayor: Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf.

What do you want to know

  • Bill Dieruf seeks Republican nomination for Louisville mayoral race
  • Dieruf has served as mayor of Jeffersontown, a city in metro Louisville, for 11 years
  • He is one of four Republican candidates for the nomination, while eight Democrats are running
  • Primary is May 17

Dieruf has been mayor of Jeffersontown for 11 years and also runs a hardware store in town.

“And the benefit of a hardware store going into politics, you realize that whether the person needed a five-cent nut or a $30,000 Bobcat, when they came in, they had a problem and she wanted it resolved immediately,” he said. “And no matter how big the problem was, it was important to them. And in government, we did it here.

Dieruf is seeking the Republican nomination to become Louisville’s next mayor, and he has said he wants to bring all of Louisville’s metro together.

“We’re never going to convince a business or a person to move here if we argue,” he said. “We have to be able to take what we have and make it better.”

Dieruf said he supports House Bill 314, which the Legislature passed to allow for the creation of new towns in Jefferson County, but he also said town residents need to focus on

“If a person wants to form a city – say, PRP (Pleasure Ridge Park), Fairdale, – it’s because they’re not getting the services they’ve been promised for [the] merger,” Dieruf said. “As the next mayor, it will be there, but it won’t be necessary because I will provide the services, because I realize the services that are needed everywhere.”

Dieruf also led the Jefferson County League of Cities and the Kentucky League of Cities.

“I understand what it means to work together as a unit,” he said.

Dieruf plans to bring in current Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders to lead his crime-fighting efforts in the city, though not necessarily as head of the LMPD.

“I’m not going to promise anyone a job in any position,” he said. “The jobs that will be downtown will all be reviewed, because as I did when I moved here – I had this mayoral job here – there were a lot of people who were good at their jobs, but they had no right to do so. their work properly.

Sanders served as Kentucky State Police Commissioner from 2016 to 2019 and served as a DEA agent for more than two decades.

“So when we talk about what we’re going to do in downtown Louisville, we’re already doing it here,” Dieruf said. “And we change it, adjust it and improve it every day.”

Dieruf said they can restore more credibility to the city in order to recruit more officers, which will make downtown Louisville a more attractive place, as well as several other initiatives he plans to pursue, such as the improving downtown roads and building more housing there. .

“We have an image problem right now,” Dieruf said. “It takes a mayor who can be proud of the city to show the city that this is a place you want to come, whether it’s downtown or any other part of the county.”

And alongside his plans to cut red tape, Dieruf said he has the best sales pitch to become Louisville’s next mayor.

Dieruf is one of four candidates for the Republican nomination for mayor of Louisville. Eight people will appear on the Democratic ballot.

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