Electrical Safety Tips for the Monsoon Season

Monsoon is not just a word, but a metaphor for hope, peace, celebration, adventure, etc. in various parts of India. It is generally expected to last from June to September.

The impact of the monsoon on the local weather is different from place to place. In some places there is just a chance of having a little more or less rain. In other places, near-semi-deserts are transformed into vivid green grasslands where all kinds of plants and crops can thrive.

Indians tend to focus on drinking alkaline water, home-cooked foods to avoid communicable diseases and maintain good health, but often investing in safe and sturdy electrical circuit protection devices takes a step back due to a lack of awareness.

During the rainy season, we all hear a lot about accidents and according to some studies, the risk of electrical accidents increases up to 30% during the monsoon and a brief illustration of such an accident can be broadly defined:

  • Lightning damage to expensive electronic gadgets
  • Death by electrocution
  • Short circuit due to poor cable insulation
  • Failure of electrical equipment due to moisture and seepage
  • DG assembly / transformer blast due to waterlogging.

The risk of electrocution and electrical disaster can be minimized by proper knowledge sharing and following good wiring practices in accordance with NEC 2011. Sometimes we don’t realize the danger lurking in our homes that can transform everyday harmless devices into danger objects. .

According to the IMD department, it is predicted that there will be an increase in rainfall activity in south, north and central India in July 2022. Aware of the implications of electrical hazards created by bad rainy weather, it is imperative to pay attention to your home’s “veins and arteries” during the monsoon season.

Cities in Europe and other developed countries are 100% ELCB/RCCB compliant and typically install an RCCB/RCBO against every power outlet that is vulnerable to human contact during plug insertion and electrocution likely.

Maddening laxity in India is often caught in the decision to invest in electrical circuit protection devices. It is difficult to understand that this basic information is neglected. With the increasing electrical load and increased reliance on electrical and electronic equipment, it is mandatory that our electrical infrastructure has built-in residual current protection devices.

Some of the safety tips that can be adopted to help our loved ones stay safe and protect our hard-earned appliances, especially during the monsoon.

Invest in surge protectors to protect your expensive appliances from lightning surges.

The Surge Protective Device (SPD) inhibits voltage transients and diverts power surges to the basement, protecting expensive electronics and appliances. Surge protection devices are ideal for areas with thunderstorms, cyclones and amp; circuit carrying electronic equipment. The innovative idea of ​​do-it-yourself (DIY) surge protection devices with Type 3 adapter can eliminate the likelihood of blowing out expensive televisions and electronic gadgets during power surges created during a lightning or a storm.

India saw 13 million dangerous lightning strikes last year according to the report and the major affected states are Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha and West Bengal which were found to be among the most vulnerable States in terms of reporting these weather phenomena.

During these thunderstorm phenomena, a huge power surge is created and enters the building through the overhead lines, leading to a destructive disaster such as blowing away expensive electronic equipment/gadgets in a fraction of a second if they are not not equipped with the correct protective device.

Typically, older buildings do not have electrical surge protection devices built into their electrical plans. According to ICA-India data, approximately 35% of reported short circuits and fires originate from buildings with outdated electrical schematics; Frequent power surges can damage every piece of electrical equipment in a home in a fraction of a second if surge protection is not part of the circuit. Surge protection devices inhibit voltage transients and divert surges into ground, thereby bypassing the device, thereby protecting expensive electronic devices.

Install RCCB or ELCB rescue devices to prevent damage and current leakage

State Governments/DISCOMS have taken various initiatives to make the RCCB/ELCB mandatory. Yet the challenge of installing RCCB continues to persist. RCCB or ELCB is the most overlooked appliance in homes, with nearly 90% of homes having none. This creates room for great disasters. If an internal wire breaks, it can energize the metal casing, which in turn can cause an unpleasant shock to a human being. In recent times, innovative solutions have been introduced to facilitate the adoption of security measures by customers. ELCB/RCCB plugs or adapters providing current leakage protection at the outlet can be installed with washing machines, air coolers, water heaters (geysers) – basically any appliance that is more sensitive to water-electricity-human interaction. Therefore, it is important to “inoculate” the house by installing the RCCB vaccination, against electric shocks.

Quality wires (higher insulation resistance) to manage the risk of electrical fire

It should be noted that almost 20% of all accidental fires that occur are not only due to short circuits, but also to poor quality cables and proper wiring practices. Ensuring the compatibility of wires with electrical load is essential in homes as they are the “veins and arteries” of our homes and must be of good quality and quality.

Insulated wires and cables are non-conductive materials that offer high resistance to electric current.

The insulation protects the wire/cable from the outside. With heavy-duty quality insulation, the wire is protected from contact with other conductors, keeping it away from environmental hazards and controlling probable electrical leakage.

Over a long time, the cable tends to see a lot of faults such as overload and short circuit. All these perpetual phenomena will affect the protective sheath, often called insulation. The protective sheath will degrade and wear out faster than the wire itself.

The central aspect determining the life expectancy of electrical wiring is the condition of the protective sheath.

In all cables over a period of time there is usually leakage of current from the live conductor through the insulation. In case of lower quality of insulation, the amount of leakage current increases significantly.

Premium Testing Laboratories & International Safety Standards specify that the current leakage limit in manual equipment is considered safe if the leakage value is not greater than 0.75mA.

This leakage is dangerous for human safety. Better insulation or high insulation resistance in cables protect humans from electric shock.

Choosing a quality yarn helps to minimize the impact on the environment.

Use of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) in incoming distribution boards to prevent overloads and short circuits in domestic and commercial installations.

Power overload is a common occurrence in modern homes today. The installation of devices such as MCB guarantees the disconnection of the supply during the fault. These circuit breakers are available in different ratings for different types of loads and therefore should be used with the correct rating for the load and the quality mark with the mandatory ISI marking Contrary to popular belief, these safety equipment and products are very user-friendly, almost at a fraction of the cost compared to the essential protection it provides. However, sometimes the right knowledge may be lacking, for which expert help should be sought.

To reiterate given the intensity of increasing electrical hazards during the monsoon season, safety comes first and must be ensured without fail. It is always better to use the best quality electrical appliances than to finally pay the losses caused by sudden electrical accidents. A simple change to the electrical installations in your home can save the lives of your loved ones and give you peace of mind.



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