“Everyday Japan Expo” Melo has become a brand new sterilized retail store in Singapore.

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–During the post-Covid regime in Singapore, with Japan’s Innovation & Technology, now Melo, managed by Global Partners Consulting Group (Headquarters: Singapore; Managing Director: Zenta Nishida), presents the brand new sterilized retail store in singapore to ensure that its customers and staff can visit and work in the store with a level of comfort.

The company’s managing director, Zenta Nishida, quotes,

“Even with strong government support in Singapore to contain and improve the COVID era, I believe the business side can help bring our economy back to the pre-COVID era. Thanks to our cooperation with Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd, our retail store now becomes a fully sterilized store for our dear customers and hard-working store staff. My top priority is always the safety of my staff and I hope other business owners feel the same to set higher standards in Singapore together. ”

Proven technology from Japan, provided by Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Hidemi Kawanobe) delivers outstanding results”once the mist is touched, it shows the results of No Germs or Viruses within 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

Please visit here for the complete publication of the data of [TR+ amazing bio-degrade ability] and [Comparison with TR+ other companies’ products]

Melo wants its customers to feel safer in this environment and lead the entire retail store environment with this advanced technology solution in Singapore.

Please stop by Melo @ Funan Mall just to get some mist of this product, then go shopping and have dinner with your loved ones.

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About Japan Trust Chemical Co., Ltd (https://jtrc.tokyo/tr-plus/) – Japan

With the motto “Harmony in Human & Environment”, the company provided a new health management system and environmentally friendly technology. The basic products (TR+ series) make it possible to disinfect harmful microorganisms in the air with a very strong elimination power, while eliminating unpleasant odors from its environment. The company’s top priority is safety and well-being. The product is proven safe for all generations as well as our earth by returning to water after use.

About Global Partners Consulting (http://www.gpc-gr.com)

GPC Group is a consulting firm specializing in assisting Japanese companies to develop their business in Asia with our offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. GPC Group’s unique services range from “Sell-side” M&A financial advisory (only one among SG’s Japanese companies), “full outsourcing” accounting service, “Melo!” and No.1 SG Employment Pass Consulting Service through its solution-focused consulting team.

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