Former SEC QB supplies Tennessee with victory cigars

Cigars are a staple of the Third Saturday of October rivalry between Alabama and Tennessee, and it’s so well-known in the SEC that even a former quarterback from another SEC East program helped help the Flights celebrate.

One of the people who supplied the Tennessee football team with cigars was none other than Jay Cutler, the former QB of Vanderbilt, reported Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger. Why did he do it? “He wanted us to beat Bama,” said a Vols administrator.

The cigars were only lit after Chase McGrath netted a 40-yard field goal as time expired to give Tennessee’s No. 6 a 52-49 win over No. 3 Alabama Saturday. It ended a 15-game losing streak against the Crimson Tide and sent fans flooding the field, and the goal posts soon fell and paraded out of the stadium.

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