Fraser directors review final plan for mixed-use residential and commercial development on U.S. Highway 40 frontage

The directors reviewed the final plans for the development at the intersection of Zerex Street and Fraser Avenue. Once constructed, developers expect residential and commercial buildings to include green spaces and outdoor patios.
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The empty lot at the intersection of 406 Zerex St. and 315 Fraser Ave., which once housed the One Love Bar and Grill and a private residence, has recently been taken over by excavators and other heavy equipment. A new mixed-use development is currently in the works there, with the developer planning to offer commercial and residential space, including housing for the workforce.

Byson Investments will develop the project as it meets final approval from Fraser’s board of directors. During the July 20 board meeting, Byson Investments managing partners Kevin Rifkin and Greg Bechler presented their final plan and major site plan for the directors’ approval. Representatives from Fraser’s planning department, Alyssa Rivas and Ben Thurston of Baseline Engineering Corporation, were also on hand to oversee the proposal.

“We are very pleased to have such a large contingent of Fraser and Grand County residents on our development team, as we believe it will help us deliver something that truly meets the needs of those who live in downtown. town of Fraser,” Byson Investments wrote in their cover story. letter to the city.

Peter Nelson and Krista Klancke of Fraser-based firm Peter Nelson Architecture will be the project’s architects. PGArnold will be the general contractor for the project, with Thomas Elliot of Winter Park leading the team.

During the meeting, Rifkin and Bechler provided an overview of what the two sites for the proposed development would look like and answered questions. The first drafts of their plan had already met with the approval of the administrators.

The first building, facing US Highway 40 where it joins Zerex Street, will be for mixed commercial/residential use. Byson offered 4,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor and 10 two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments above. The second building, at the intersection of Fraser Avenue and Doc Susie Avenue, will be residential. A nine-space parking lot and two one-bedroom units will occupy the ground floor. On the second and third floors, there will be four three-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units. A total of 20 proposed units offered are suitable for workforce housing for Grand County residents. One-bedroom units on the ground floor of the apartment building will also be capped at 80% of the area’s median income, meaning they’re restricted to someone earning less than $49,350 a year or to two people earning $56,400 a year.

Byson is also planning a sidewalk and two outdoor patios, with approximately 2,000 square feet of treed green space outside the lot, to provide a buffer zone secluded from roads.

At least 39 parking spaces will be needed for this development, which Byson has encountered before. However, the groups debated the exact number of parking spaces during the meeting. Some felt that more parking space would be needed, especially since the development will utilize on-street parking potentially used by other businesses. Rifkin and Bechler said they have already met minimum parking requirements, which have been reduced for their development due to its proximity to several Lift bus routes and the Amtrak train. Since the development is also in a pedestrian and cycle zone, the developers felt that these were viable alternatives to owning a vehicle. The trustees eventually decided to approve the development, on the condition that a sufficient number of parking spaces were provided.

Rifkin and Bechler were confident they would provide the correct number of parking spaces. Ideally, the construction of the project will begin this summer and end in the fall of 2023.

In other cases:

  • Deputy City Manager Michael Brack discussed Fraser’s affordable housing and mixed-use development, Victoria Village, which will be close to downtown Fraser. The city is currently looking for a developer for Victoria Village, with an official session with potential developers scheduled for September. Stay tuned for future articles on Victoria Village as the project progresses.
  • Chief Financial Officer Rob Clemens provided the Treasurer’s report, noting that sales tax revenue is down due to companies postponing sales tax filing, but revenue is expected to rebound once businesses will start paying sales taxes again.
  • The city welcomed its new assistant clerk, Leslie Crittenden.

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