Gender pay gap larger in New Jersey than in more than 20 states

Women earn more in New Jersey than women in most other states, but that number is still far below the annual earnings of men in the Garden State, according to a new analysis.

Using full-time earnings data from the 2020 census, personal finance technology firm MoneyGeek found that women’s earnings in New Jersey were 80.2% of men’s earnings.

Among the 50 states, this gap ranks 25th. There is no state where women make up at least 90% of their male counterparts, according to the analysis.

“Women’s incomes in New Jersey are the third highest in the nation, but they still earn about $14,000 less per year than men,” said Melody Kasulis, data analyst for MoneyGeek.

The monthly gap amounts to about $1,180 in New Jersey.

Nationally in 2022, women’s earnings fell to 82.4% of men’s in the second quarter of 2022, from 83.1% in 2021, according to the report.

In its report, MoneyGeek points to a correlation between a state’s gender pay gap and its approach to the subject of abortion. Among the 15 states with the widest wage gaps, abortion is either considered illegal, restricted, or “unprotected.”

In states where access to abortion is expanded, such as New Jersey, women’s earnings average 84.3% of those of men. In states where access to abortion was illegal, according to the report, the wage gap was 77.1%.

According to business expert Melissa Williams of Emory University, who commented on MoneyGeek’s report, the link between women’s economic opportunities and control over their reproductive rights “is very close.”

“When women face unwanted pregnancies, they risk not completing their education, delaying their entry into the workforce and having fewer hours available for paid work,” Williams said. “Without the ability to decide when or if they want to have a child, women cannot have the same educational and economic opportunities as men.”

The 10 states with the largest pay gaps in America are all Republican-leaning, according to the report. On average nationally, women in Republican states earn 3.3% less than those in blue states.

Dino Flammia is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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