IoSafe’s new disaster-proof NAS can store 100TB and withstand 1550F of heat

The new disaster-resistant ioSafe 1520+ NAS announced this month could protect drives in temperatures up to 1550 ° F / 843 ° C (in accordance with ASTM E-119 test standard) for 30 minutes and keep Discs safe for up to three days when submerged in up to 10 feet / 3 meters of water.

With modern large capacity hard drives, local storage of loads of data is quite simple and inexpensive. But what if you want to not only store data, but also protect it against natural disasters, fires or floods? This is exactly what ioSafe disaster-proof NAS and servers are for, as they can withstand extreme heat, flooding, and physical impact.

When it comes to storage capacities, the ioSafe 1520+ disaster-proof NAS can accommodate up to five 3.5-inch hot-swappable hard drives, which means it can store up to 100TB with 20 TB hard drives depending on the RAID configuration. Additionally, it can be expanded with disaster-resistant expansion modules to accommodate up to 300TB of data. In addition, the contents of the discs can be encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm.

The ioSafe 1520+ runs the Synology DSM operating system designed primarily for business users (so don’t expect to run sophisticated or consumer multimedia software on it). On the hardware side, the ioSafe NAS 1520+ is based on the Intel Celeron J4125 system-on-chip (quad core, 1.5 GHz ~ 2.30 GHz, AES-256 hardware support) paired with 8 GB of DDR3L memory. . It can connect to a local area network using four GbE ports (up to 2 GbE is supported when two ports are aggregated) and supports various external storage devices using its USB 3.0 interfaces Type-A and eSATA.

(Image credit: ioSafe)

For a five-drive NAS, the ioSafe 1520+ is quite tall and heavy: it measures 406 × 483 × 534 mm (16 × 19 × 21 inches, L × W × H) and weighs 29 kilograms without the drives and 33 kilograms when ‘he’s completely packed.

ioSafe positions its 1520+ disaster-proof NAS for those who want to protect their data, but don’t want to store their information in the cloud.

“The new 1520+ provides our customers with datacenter-class storage while saving them over 75% of the cost of a year of cloud storage,” said Robin Wessel, executive vice president of ‘ioSafe. “With unprecedented recovery speed, media companies and creative professionals, businesses and government agencies can recover the massive amounts of data they generate losslessly when a water leak, fire, or fire. forest or virtually any major disaster occurs. ”

ioSafe expects to begin shipments of its 1520+ NAS in February 2022. A diskless drive can be purchased for $ 1,919 (down from its list price of $ 2,399), while a fully-equipped NAS with five 14TB hard drives can be pre-ordered directly from the company for $ 11,999 (down from the list price of $ 14,999).

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