Launch of innovative container hardware stores in Cape Town

Brights Hardware, a family-owned hardware store chain based in the Western Cape, has embarked on an innovative mentoring and entrepreneurial support project that includes opening micro-hardware stores in shipping containers in low-income areas of the country. Cap.

The Container Store initiative that Brights launched in collaboration with The Hardware Co. started in 2019, with the first container hardware operational in Khayelitsha by October 2020. The second container hardware is currently being installed nearby. – and completion is scheduled for September 2021.

“The first container hardware store is an impressive two-story space created from two shipping containers stacked on top of each other,” said Orlando Luis, CEO of Brights Hardware Store. “The lower container is 12 meters long and the upper container is 6 meters, and they are connected by a steel staircase. The lower level sells building materials and the upstairs container has smaller electrical and hardware products.

The Hardware Co. container stores are owned by Yanga Njozela, a young entrepreneur who approached Brights Hardware to help him start his hardware business. Luis says he met Njozela in 2016 when he opened his construction business. “He asked me if I could guide and support him in this endeavor and after a few years of establishing a business relationship and learning the operations and systems, Yanga enlisted the help of Brights to open his own container equipment. .
“Yanga bought the two shipping containers and leased land. We helped him completely transform and equip the containers with shelves, computer systems, electrical connections, etc. We also supply him with all of his products at wholesale prices, ”explains Luis. “Yanga now also has its own delivery truck to collect inventory from the nearest Brights store and is able to offer and supply its customers the same retail prices as Brights. “

Brights also assisted Yanga with infrastructure and construction support, IT and IT support, as well as financial support as part of his entrepreneurial support and mentoring role. According to Orlando, Njozela handles all the rest of his business logistics, income and expenses, profits and cash flow, staff, and more. and is a fully independent business entity.

“We are very grateful for the help Orlando and Brights have given us,” says Njozela. “Container material has always been a dream of ours with the aim of changing the landscape of ‘informal’ businesses in the townships and empowering young people in the communities in which we operate. “

“Our vision is to build lives, build communities and build Africa. And the Container Hardware concept allowed us to do just that. We now have a great team of young people working with us and the community has been incredibly welcoming to the hardware store, claiming that The Hardware Co. has been able to make quality hardware supplies available to Khayelitsha residents. We are currently in the process of opening our second store in Harare, Khayelitsha and are excited about this new business and our future in the hardware business.

For more information, contact Yanga Njozela on 084 703 0745 or visit You can also follow The Hardware Co on Facebook: @thehardwareco as well as on Instagram: @buildwith_thehardwareco.

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