Madisonville Church Provides Supplies to Tornado Survivors

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) – The Madisonville First Assembly of God recognized the needs of the people in the area and the church leaders decided they wanted to help, and they donated much more than food and the water.

After seeing the impact of the tornadoes, as well as the recent cold temperatures in the area, the church decided to take action.

“It was very devastating to see these things happening and to see the community suffering like this, so we went out there and just tried to help where we could,” said Pastor Chris Manning.

They partnered with the Global Empowerment Mission, which had helped other affected areas, and believed Hopkins County needed help as well.

Church leaders set to work gathering supplies to donate to those in need. These supplies include basic items like water and food, but also items like air mattresses, blankets, generators and even $ 300 Visa cards for affected families, as well as $ 600 for large families in need.

“When you give to people, they literally start to cry and it really shows you how bad the situation is,” said Michael Capponi, Founder and CEO of Global Empowerment Mission.

Much of the supplies were donated by local or state businesses, including 2,100 gallons of Prairie Farms milk.

In tornadoes, Lubia Contreras lost the heating of her house, her water pipes were broken and the rear window of her car was smashed.

“It’s really going to help me, is really going to help me,” Contreras said. “At least I could [have] a radiator, for which I am dying.

14 News previously reported on Alexis Dunlap, who was injured in the tornadoes with her 5-year-old son. She was at Saturday’s event and said they are getting better.

“It means a lot – I mean we’ve lost everything,” Contreras said. “So being able to have the support and the love to rebuild means a lot.”

Dunlap says they have a new home in Dixon, and she’s happy to say it’s underground.

Organizers say they are planning another event like this for next month, and depending on the needs of the region at that time, they might come up with different things.

For more information on Global Empowerment Mission and its relief efforts in the region, Click here.

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