Meet the Ottobots – The First Autonomous Delivery Robots for Restaurants and Retail

The world’s first fleet of fully autonomous delivery robots has been unveiled by Deep Tech start-up Ottonomy. Developed for the restaurant and retail industries, “Ottobots” use state-of-the-art context mapping and navigation technologies to operate in indoor and outdoor environments.

The Autonomous Delivery Robot pilots began operating in 2020, with the initial deployment of the Robot Delivery helping to gain additional insight into the user experience to further develop the program.

Now, making their bow to the world stage for the first time at CES 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Ottobots are poised to change the order delivery game of the restaurant and retail industries.

This technology could really be the solution some restaurants and retail businesses have been looking for in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

Meet the Ottobots – First Autonomous Delivery Robots for Restaurants and Retail

Ottonomy’s development of autonomous delivery technology has been greatly aided by several partnerships, including CVG Cincinnati Airport where the Ottobots delivered retail and food items. Additional pilot programs were also recently added to Newlab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York. Even one of America’s leading restaurant automation technology vendors, Presto, has started using Ottobots to deliver the dishes ordered by his restaurant patrons.

Small businesses with personnel and service issues as a result of the pandemic may well take note of the rapid adoption of this technology among major tech companies.

The future is even brighter for Ottonomy thanks to a strategic partnership with ARO, a world leader in robotic management and operations. ARO will support Ottonomy as it rolls out nationwide over the next 18 months, helping with day-to-day operations and lifespan management of the robotic fleet.

The CEO of Ottonomy, Ritukar Vijay, was delighted to unveil the Ottobots at his company’s first CES event, and said, “The pandemic has provided Ottobots with a catalyst enabling a series of partnerships that have enabled us to launch fully autonomous delivery for deliveries. indoors, curbside deliveries and the last deliveries per kilometer.

How Ottobots Work

Ottobots are programmed with a digital map of the service area where they will operate, with live location updated on the map as they navigate autonomously during order deliveries. It is a proprietary contextual navigation software developed by Ottonomy that allows Ottobots to navigate environments even when they are crowded and unpredictable.

The Autonomous Delivery Program is highly scalable and flexible, and comes with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage a fleet of robots operating in a variety of different geographies.

The successful deployment of Ottobot resulted in Ottonomy being recognized by Robotics Business Review as one of the top 50 robotics companies in the world in 2021. The company also won the Mobility Startup Award from Plug & Play Accelerator, as well as the Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Product of the Year award. for 2021.

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