Miter 10 employee praised after fight with anti-masker

A Miter 10 employee has been praised after dragging an anti-masker who was banned from the store outside in a bizarre encounter.

Miter 10 employee is praised for raping an anti-masker who attempted to enter the store after being previously banned.

The video, posted to social media, shows the man without a mask entering the Miter 10 Helensville store. A member of staff can be heard asking him to put on a mask and he replied “no” before walking past.

“See, this is how you do it and then you don’t log in,” the man without a mask says confidently to the camera, referring to the signs of the Covid-19 tracer app that make it much easier to contact tracing case.

“And now I’m going to cross here with my camera this time,” he continues before being interrupted by a member of staff.

“Hey, can you put on a mask?” »Asks the worker, approaching the man.

The NZ Herald reported that the worker appeared to grab the man by the shirt before repeatedly asking him to put on a mask.

A fight ensues as the man claims the worker violates his human rights by not allowing him to enter the hardware store, before he is kicked outside.

“We don’t discriminate against you buddy, we ask you to put on a mask.”

“Who are you?” answers the man without a mask.

“Kyle,” said the worker.

Another guard joins Kyle, telling the man he’s not allowed in and has already been banned for two years for a previous incident.

The video was shared widely on social media with many people praising Kyle’s actions and offering to buy him a beer for the way he handled the situation.

“Full support [Mitre 10] and its staff removing violent risks to the health and safety of the store, ”one person said.

“It’s so frustrating and disappointing that you and others have to deal with these angry, uninformed / undereducated troublemakers. You handled the situation quickly, firmly and fairly. Well done!”

Masks are mandatory at all Miter 10 stores in Aotearoa, and since the store is privately owned, they can legally encroach on people. Anyone who remains in the store after being raped commits a criminal offense.

A spokesperson for Miter 10 said the store owner and operator is investigating the incident and additional security has been put in place on site.

As staff face “repeated aggressive behavior” from a customer, a spokesperson said they should be treated with respect and sensitivity.

“We recognize that this disagreement has not been handled well and we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure better handling of these types of situations in the future.”

A police spokesperson confirmed receiving a report that a man was verbally abusive of staff and refused to wear a face covering at a Helensville business.

“As a result, a 35-year-old man was subsequently cautioned for refusing to wear a face cover as required by the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act. “

The man also received a trespassing notice.

This story was originally published by the NZ Herald and has been reproduced with permission.

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