Supply Chain Issues Affecting Greenville High School Stadium Project

GREENVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) – The land has been surveyed and plans are ready, but supply chain issues have made it difficult to source the materials needed to build Greenville High School’s new stadium.

“We’re already being told there’s metal,” Butler County Schools Superintendent Joseph Eiland said. “There’s a heist with so many other products, and that’s just, you know, what every school system is dealing with.”

It’s a whole new ball game for the Superintendent, who has never overseen a project like this.

While Eiland hopes the stadium will be finished by fall 2023, there is no set completion date – he said there couldn’t be.

“While it’s exciting, the most frustrating thing is the fact that you can no longer predict when anything will be over,” Eiland said. “You just can’t predict it. Contractors all over the state will tell you that “Hey, he’s not lying.”

Another obstacle was inflation. The superintendent shared that the costs of projects like these have skyrocketed. The new facility is expected to cost around $5.5 million.

“If something was estimated at three and a half million dollars, you can count on two million more now,” he added.

The superintendent believes the new state-of-the-art stadium will make the community proud if they can secure funding for the multi-million dollar project.

“That’s the dilemma we’re in right now is trying to bridge that gap, because we have to find a way to pay for that,” Eiland said.

He encourages all former students or foundations who wish to help pay for the structure to mobilize.

The school system is also reaching out to some NFL organizations and players for financial aid, Eiland said.

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