Supply chain shortages are expected to continue until 2022 for some products

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected supply chains across the country, making it harder for you to get the supplies you need.

According to the National Home Builders Association, the price of lumber in the United States has increased by more than 200 percent.

The American Pet Products Association has also said there will be a shortage of pet food that will continue until 2022.

Oklahoma State University supply chain professor Theodore Washington said the shortages we face are unlike anything the country has experienced before.

“I can’t think of any time in history where a supply chain network has been affected to this magnitude because there has never been a time when we have been so interconnected as a society,” Washington said.

Washington said closures caused by the February snowstorm were also having a huge impact on supply chains.

Companies in states like Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska have companies still picking up the pieces.

“There are companies. There are carriers that stayed for over a month later before they could even begin to move closer to get back on track,” Washington said. “Some are still getting back on track.”

According to Washington, the shortages are also leading to more unemployed frontline workers.

“The improved unemployment benefits have caused some of our frontline workers, who are on a lower pay scale, to earn more money to stay home than to come to work,” Washington said.

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