Supply shortage: Starbucks hit hard by supply chain disruptions

Nationwide supply chain issues have driven up the prices of everyday items like coffee and toilet paper, and it’s only getting worse.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Supply issues are nothing new in the pandemic and now that we head into summer, major retailers and customers are facing more supply chain disruptions.

These supply issues affect everything from your favorite Starbucks drink and wood to toilet paper. Other items that the country lacks include computer chips, cars, diapers and plastics.

A few weeks ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the semiconductor shortage had caused “crazy difficulties” for the electric car manufacturer. Even Apple, a company many believed to be able to avoid the shortage after it started manufacturing its own high-powered computer chips last year, has said it will delay production of its iMacs and iPads, according to Business Insider.

Even some popular restaurants are not immune to problems. Chipotle recently announced that it would have to increase its prices to offset the costs.

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Starbucks is also having problems. They can’t get much of their coffee aromas. The hashtag #StarbucksShortage has gone viral on TikTok with people sharing videos of what their local stores weren’t using.

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So what is behind these problems? There are two major factors.

First, the labor shortage. Not only does the shortage of factory workers and truck drivers make it difficult to ship goods, it also increases shipping costs. Most of the time, this means that customers will pay more for what they buy.

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In Charlotte, the wood has been hit very hard. A store owner claims his prices have skyrocketed, with plywood prices triple their usual cost.

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