These cities will see the biggest jumps in house values ​​this year

Head south for house values

Want to make sure your home is growing in value? So buy a house in the South. This is where home values ​​will appreciate the most in 2020, according to a new analysis.

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According to Home Price Expectations Survey from Zillow, which takes into account expert analysis from 100 economists and real estate experts, housing will be the hottest in the South this year.

At the city level, experts say Austin, Texas will experience the greatest appreciation in home value in 2020. A whopping 83% of those polled expect the city to surpass national averages this year. year.

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Other cities where home values ​​are expected to outperform include Atlanta (63%); Charlotte, North Carolina (59%); Nashville, Tennessee (59%); and Denver (55%).

“A set of relatively affordable Sun Belt markets are among those where home value growth in 2020 is expected to exceed the national average,” said Skylar Olsen, director of economic research at Zillow. “Of the 14 markets that received a positive score – a higher share of panelists said they expected the market to outperform rather than underperform, 11 were in Texas or elsewhere in the Southwest or the southeast. Portland, Minneapolis and Denver were the only non-southern markets to make the list of those expected to outperform. “

Where the house values ​​won’t do so well

If you’re looking for a high value for your home, California probably isn’t your best bet. Three cities in Cali top expert lists of “most likely to underperform,” including San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles.

“The panelists weren’t just expecting these major California markets to underperform, but maybe even slight growth. In many cases, they have said they expect the values ​​of typical homes in these locations to drop sharply, ending 2020 lower than at the start of the year, ”said Olsen. “Panelists – 42 in total – who thought at least one major metro would see home values ​​drop in 2020 generally agreed that California markets would be on that list.”

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Cincinnati also ranked among the top, with 46% of experts saying its home value appreciation rate would be lower than national averages. Seattle came in with 40%.

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