Ukraine’s electricity supply is under control, no need to panic, ministry says

Nov 19 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s electricity supply is under control despite a series of Russian attacks on power generation infrastructure and there is no need to panic, the ministry said on Saturday. Energy.

Separately, the head of DTEK, the country’s largest private energy company, said there was no need for people to leave Ukraine.

Russian missile strikes have crippled nearly half of Ukraine’s energy system and authorities in Kyiv said on Friday a complete shutdown of the capital’s power grid was possible.

“Denying the statements of panic spread by social networks and online media, we assure you that the energy supply situation is difficult, but under control,” the energy ministry said in a statement.

Authorities across the country have scheduled power outages to help repair efforts, he said, urging families to reduce their energy use by at least 25%.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy accused Russia last month of trying to destabilize the country by forcing millions of people to flee west, creating a refugee crisis for the European Union.

DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko said the armed forces, the energy industry and individual Ukrainians are working miracles to maintain supply.

“That is why there is no need to leave Ukraine today,” he said in a company statement.

Zelenskiy said on Saturday that supply problems were most severe in and around Kyiv, as well as six other regions.

“We are working across the country to stabilize the situation,” he said in a video address.

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