Willmar Municipal Utilities lays out power shortage notification plan this summer – West Central Tribune

WILLMAR — Due to the potential for power shortages across the region this summer, Willmar Municipal Utilities has developed a plan of what customers should do in the event of an energy alert or energy emergency, according to an announcement this week.

Recently, Chief Executive John Harren told the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission that the Midcontinent Independent System Operator predicts a power shortage in the area and may call on Willmar and other utilities to help “keep the lights on.” lit”.

MISO manages the power grid for the Midwestern states, including Minnesota.

In the event of a power shortage, blackouts or continuous brownouts could occur. However, these temporary blackouts can be avoided if everyone does their part to save electricity.

If MISO is notified that electricity saving potential exists within the next 24 hours, Willmar Municipal Utilities will notify businesses and residents by issuing alerts via the West Central Tribune, radio, Facebook and its own website at wmu .willmar.mn.us .

In the event of a power shortage, an Energy Alert or Energy Emergency will be issued to stabilize the power grid using the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Alert System, similar to an Amber Alert.

During an energy alert, residents and commercial customers are advised to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible in order to avoid blackouts.

Energy consumption can be reduced by raising the thermostat a few degrees, closing curtains or blinds to keep the sun out, turning off all unnecessary lights and equipment, and delaying the use of major appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and electric vehicle chargers. until later in the evening.

If these and other conservation efforts are not successful, an energy emergency will be issued and Willmar Municipal Utilities will initiate a series of controlled temporary blackouts, or blackouts, to maintain power grid stability.

According to the announcement, power outages can last for one to two hours at a time until the power shortage is alleviated.

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