XCOM 2: How to Get Supplies

With the Epic Games Store offer XCOM 2 for free in April 2022, there may be new players in this fantastic strategy game. XCOM 2 challenges players to command their forces in intense turn-based combat while managing a military base when not on a mission. There are several layers of strategy to be found in XCOM 2 and almost everything is driven by a single resource: Provisions. There are a few different currencies in the game, but supplies are the most used.

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Because supplies are so fundamental to game progression, it’s important for new players to know how to get them. There are different ways to get supplies. Some are more effective than others, and players should note that always hunting for supplies isn’t the best way to beat XCOM 2. That said, players won’t get far without a large stash of supplies either!


Supply Drop

Supply Drops act as an almost guaranteed way to stock up. Players will receive a supply at the start of each new month. The drop will contain more or less supplies depending on the player’s performance over the previous month. Performance is dictated by Project Shadow progress, successful missions, and building/destroying alien bases. Players will meet the last council member at the end of each month, and a supply drop will appear on the map after the meeting.

Like most ways to gather supplies, deliveries are collected in the “tactical” part of the game, when players maneuver their ship around the map to investigate disturbances, collect items, or engage in missions. The “combat” layer of the map has supply collection, but it’s very minimal compared to the tactics layer methods. Supply drops are the most common way to get large batches of supplies at once and will be marked with a dark green icon on the tactical map.

Sell ​​on the black market

Throughout a campaign, players will collect many battle items. Most of these articles have a purpose based. For example, alien alloys are used to build more advanced weapons and armor. Alien corpses can be autopsied to create unique items that players can bring into battle. However, once a new technology has been discovered, some of these items collected in the field begin to lose value.

Players looking to make a quick buck can sell these items on the black market. The black market is certainly not the ideal way to source XCOM 2 as sales don’t go much and players lose items that they can often use for better things. In a pinch, supplies obtained from the sale of surplus items can buy a med kit or mental shield that just might save a soldier’s life!

Supply Raids

Supply Raids are a type of mission in XCOM 2 where players must mark crates for extraction before the aliens can mark them. The more crates a player’s ground forces score, the more supplies the homecoming base receives. Keep in mind that some of these crates will be placed in absolutely awful places for the soldiers to tag them. They will be exposed and flanked by extraterrestrial forces and more often than not take a hit or even perish.

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These missions can net a player a lot of supplies, but they can also be expensive. The loss of a veteran soldier can certainly be felt throughout the campaign. As such, if a player is determined to collect more crates than the enemy and is willing to sacrifice units to do so, the unit should be of a lower level or even a rookie if possible. It won’t be an easy choice to make, but XCOM 2 is full of difficult strategic decisions to make.

Mission Rewards

Each mission in XCOM 2 comes with its own rewards. Players will often have a choice of two or three missions on the map at any given time. Only one of these missions can be accepted. Other missions, unless related to the story, will disappear after completing the selected mission. Each mission will have many links. It will have a difficulty rating, a set of rewards, and sometimes even counter alien plans.

All of these factors should come into play when a player selects a mission. What can they assume? What strengths do they have? Which set of rewards is the best? Often players will be rewarded with supplies for completing a mission. This is still a solid option for gathering supplies, as it also helps upgrade soldiers.

Black Ops

For players with the War of the Chosen DLC, a new layer of strategy will be unlocked through Covert Ops. Covert Ops revolves around three new factions introduced to the XCOM universe. These three factions are all partnered with XCOM and will perform missions for the organization. Completing these missions improves ties with the selected faction, unlocking new perks and buffs.

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Some Covert Ops will allow players to gather supplies (if the mission is successfully completed). The majority of these missions are out of the player’s control. There will be a base hit percentage for the covert operation, and it will run in the background while the player manages the tactical and combat layers of the game. So if there are no better ops secrets at your fingertips, collecting supplies through one of the AI-controlled factions is always an option.

Clean up alien debris

The most reliable and safest way to gather alien supplies and alloys is to clean up alien debris on the player’s Avenger, ship, and base. Clearing alien debris is a fundamental part of game progression, as it is necessary for players to build new rooms. Players will need engineers available to clean up debris, and as parts get deeper and deeper into the Avenger, these cleanup tasks will take longer and longer.

Players will always get a large amount of supplies from an open room, and this is one of the best ways to gather supplies in XCOM 2 while fulfilling other purposes. Pursuing Supply Drops or Black Market on the Tactical Map will not complete missions, which is necessary to win the game. Players can still clear alien debris while researching new missions. Supplies will come from the debris later!

XCOM 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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