Zhuhai’s Gree Electric Appliances: Wins Medals at Nuremberg Inventor’s Fair

Gree wins medals at Nuremberg Inventors’ Fair


Recently, the Nuremberg infans Fair iENA 2022 unveiled this yearmedalists. Gree won three gold and two silver medals.Among which, distributed air supply technology, Xiang series Residential central AC (air conditioning + underfloor heating)and the Inverter Scroll Compressor Project for New Energy Buses won gold medals; the high-speed direct-drive vertical processing center and the intelligent hot fluorine defrosting technology for cold storage won the silver medal.

To this years trade show, Gree is the only Chinese home appliance company to win gold medals. ThisIt is worth mentioning that Madame Dong Mingzhu, chairman and president of Gree, also the main inventor of distributed air supply technology, received favorablethe praise of the judges, fully demonstrating the world-leading position and strength of this technology.

As everyone knows, the evaluation of the Nürnberg tofans iENA Fairis strict, professional and large-scale, so it enjoys high reputation in the world. Gree winning these medals showedthat technologies and application projects independently developedby Gree are highly recognized and well received in the world market.

Official poster of the IENA international exhibition

1.Creative Distributed Air Supply Technology Tackling Industry Challenges

Focusing on user demands, Gree has always insisted on independent innovation and improving the R&D process, and tackled many difficulties in the industry. The innovative world premiereDistributed air supply technology allowed cold air to exit from the top air outlet during cooling. Cold air will not blow directly on people, thus realizing top-down cooling; moreover, the hot air will come out from the bottom air outlet during heating to realize bottom-up heating.

Distributed air supply technologyGree AC aerothermal heat pump

The distributed air supply technology is a ventilation and heat exchange technology that allows the heat pump to realize the organization of air flow (air distribution) in the room. At the same time, it is a key step to achieve indoor air distribution in a thermal environment, and is closely related to the thermal comfort of users.

The distributed air supply technology independently developed by Gree is an integration of a series of key technologies for air treatment, including distributed air supply terminal technology, high-efficiency layout technology of fan and fan rectification technology. It achieves more balanced temperature distribution in the room, more reasonable air supply form for AC heat pump and better air distribution efficiency, and solves the problems of conventional heat pump air conditioners , such as poor air distribution, direct cold drafts, not feeling comfortable and high energy cost.

So far, Gree has developed three core technologies, including high-efficiency distributed air supply terminal and control method, two-way flow channel parallel fan arrangement technology and rectification technology high efficiency fan, who have all reached theglobal level. Thanks to these technologies, the vertical air temperature differenceof an aerothermal heat pumpis in 0~2during operation, which will significantly improve the quality of life of users in summer and winter.

Gree air conditioners with distributed air supply technology

Gree distributed air supply Technology hasbeen applied to Gree Honor, Jewel, King, Value Time and other series of air conditioners, serving many countries and regions, providing users with clean, comfortable, environmentally friendly and brand-new heating solutions and helping to solve global environmental problems.

Besides, the Xiang series Residential central AC (air conditioning + underfloor heating)another gold-winnerproject, is equipped with intelligent air source heat pump heating technology based on building heat storage. It adopts AI chip independently developed by Gree to perform online self-learning of heat pump operating characteristics and building thermal parameters, perform reasonable planning of heat pump operating time and heating capacity. using the heat storage capacity of the ground and predicting outdoor working conditions, in order to adapt energy supply to demand and achieve overall optimization of energy efficiencyoffering high efficiency and energy efficient solutions for winter heating.

Gree Xiang series Residential central AC (air conditioning + underfloor heating)

2.Brilliant technological achievements in smart equipment, new energy, freezing and refrigeration

Gree entered the smart equipment field in 2013 and started the diversified development since then. Over the past decade, Gree worked hardto develop smart manufacturing and new energy vehicles. Today, it has grown into a diversified and science-based global industry group covering household consumer goods and industrial equipment.

The inverter scroll compress for new energy buses, which also won gold, is not only the heartof a vehicle air conditioner, but also the key to improve the energy efficiency and heating effect of new energy bus air conditioners. Featuring high efficiency and energy saving, it adopts R410A refrigerant with better heating effect and utilizes air supply enthalpy additionhigh efficiency technology and high throughput capacity. Under the ambient temperature of -20this can perform powerful heating without attenuation and achieve a 22% increase in cooling capacity and a 12% increase in energy efficiency. The unit will maintain reliable and efficient operation below the evaporating temperature of -30. New energy vehicle air conditioning systems adopting this compressor can satisfy the application needs in a wide range of areas and extreme cold conditionsleader in the technological upgrading of air conditioning products for new energy buses.

In the field of intelligent equipment, high speed direct drive vertical processing center, whoreceived the silver medal, is quite attractive. It is equipped with various automatic communication interfaces, PLC, HMI, the fourth axis to realize automatic processing. Additionally, a little lubrication is used to cool the system and remove latex Pollution;the service life of the cutting tool will be extended two or three times. Dual-channel control, intelligent anti-collision system, and mechanical and electrical protection ensure the safe processing of dual main axes.

Now, thisseries of CNC machine tools have served major new energy vehicle enterprises in China, North America and European countries, and fostered close cooperation with many automotive component manufacturing enterprises in the world.

(Gree high speed all direct drive vertical series CNC machine tool)

Another silver medal project, Gree hot fluorine intelligent defrosting unit for creative cold storage adopts heat pump technology. With intelligent defrost control function, it has the characteristics of precise temperature control, energy saving and high efficiency, as well as thawing only when needed. Based on comprehensive non-linear adaptive parameter optimization and defrost control technology, and combined with hot fluorine defrost technology, the unit can save up to 50% energy compared to the defrost method traditional electric.. With the continuous developmentof urbanization in our country, the share of perishable foodstuffs in the food structure of city dwellers is high;therefore, storage and transport cannot do without the cold chain. It is expected that in the process of urbanization, intelligent and energy-saving fluorine deicing technology will show enormous application potential.

(Gree hot fluorine defrost intelligent refrigeration unit for cold storage)

Scientific innovationis the basis for the long-term development of the manufacturing industry. To understand the development of an industry, Iyou have to knowthe efforts and achievements of industry benchmarking companies in scientific innovation. At iENA this yearGree, as a home appliance enterprise, has made remarkable achievements, demonstrating that domestic brands are recognized and favored by the world. Moreover, diversification development Gree’s path over the years hashas entered a new stage with science innovation!

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